Game Changer Cast Preview #9: Andrea Boehlke & Caleb Reynolds

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Game Changer Expert Series: Deep Dives into the Survivor Games of Andrea Boehlke and Caleb Reynolds

Rob Cesternino discusses the Survivor playing past and tries to project the future trajectory of Game Changers, Andrea Boehlke and Caleb Reynolds

Nina Stoddard on Andrea Boehlke from Survivor Redemption Island and Survivor Caramoan (Interview Starts at 4:40)

Nina Stoddard (@NinaStoddard) joins Rob to discuss the Game Changer who has made the most Rob Has a Podcast appearances, Andrea Boehlke.  Rob and Nina will explore the evolution of Andrea from 22-year old farm girl to what will be a 3-time Survivor veteran once Game Changers begins.  On this podcast, Nina will explain what specific area has been Andrea’s weakness and so far and what she will need to do to win Game Changers.

Andrea’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

Survivor Redemption Island: Andrea & Ashley – May 2011

The Survivor South Pacific Premiere with Andrea Boehlke – September 2011

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Survivor 2014: Vytas, Andrea & Eliza Talk Cagayan Episode #9 – April 2014

Andrea Boehlke & Meg Maley on the NYC Survivor & Big Brother Meetup – January 2016

Jen Manning on Caleb Reynolds from Survivor Kaôh Rong (Interview Starts at 1:02:55)

Jen Manning (@JenISWRONGAGAIN) joins Rob to discuss Caleb’s return to Survivor.  In addition to a walk-through of Caleb’s brief but memorable Survivor stint, Jen will also give us plenty of insight into Caleb’s game in Big Brother 16.  Find out why Jen thinks Caleb could be set up for a deep run into Survivor Game Changers.

Caleb’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

Survivor 32 Exit Interview | Episode 4 – March 2016

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