Game Changer Cast Preview #1: Zeke Smith & Hali Ford

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Game Changer Expert Series: Deep Dives in to the Survivor Games of Zeke Smith and Hali Ford

Rob Cesternino discusses the Survivor playing past and tries to project the future trajectory of Game Changers, Zeke Smith and Hali Ford

Adam Rida on Zeke Smith from Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X (Interview Starts at 5:05)

Rob welcomes Adam Rida (@AdamRida) to discuss Zeke Smith’s recent appearance in Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.  Adam explains what went wrong for Zeke in Season 33 and why he’s primed for success in season 34.

Zeke’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

Zeke’s Exit Interview from 12/01/16

Will Seamon on Hali Ford from Survivor Worlds Apart (Interview Starts at 51:50)

In our second interview, Rob welcomes Will Seamon (@CuddlyCaucasian) to discuss what Hali Ford did in Survivor: Worlds Apart.  Will tells us why he has such a fondness for Hali, what her mistakes were in Worlds Apart and what she might have a shot to make a deep run in Game Changers.

Hali’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

Hali’s Exit Interview from 04/09/15

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