Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted Off Worlds Apart – 4/09/15

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Rob Cesternino talks to the latest player voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart.  Hali Ford was voted out of the Merica tribe in episode 8 of Survivor Season 30.

  • Why does Hali think the women’s alliance wasn’t able to come together for this week’s vote?
  • How big of a shock was it to Hali to eventually find out that Will wasn’t with the no-collar tribe anymore?
  • Was Joe part of the women’s alliance?
  • How did Hali react to Joe taking the swing votes on the reward challenge?
  • Why did Hali say that she was unhappy with the game she played in her Ponderosa videos?
  • Would Jenn have given Hali the hidden immunity idol in last week’s episode if she knew the votes were coming for Hali?
  • Did Hali feel like her conversation with Tyler about joining the No Collar tribe had worked before the vote where Kelly went home?
  • Why was Carolyn so quick to abandon Jenn and Carolyn after they had seemingly bonded over voting out Max?
  • Does Hali regret not asking Nina to go skinny dipping?
  • Hali seemed to be positive about Shirin in her Ponderosa videos but said that Max was annoying and a weirdo in other interviews.  What were the differences between Max and Shirin?
  • Where does Survivor rank in her numerical passions in life?

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