Game Changer Cast Preview #6: Malcolm Freberg & Sarah Lacina

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Game Changer Expert Series: Deep Dives into the Survivor Games of Malcolm Freberg and Sarah Lacina

Rob Cesternino discusses the Survivor playing past and tries to project the future trajectory of Game Changers, Malcolm Freberg and Sarah Lacina.

Pooya Zand Vasili on Malcolm Freberg from Survivor Philippines and Survivor Caramoan (Interview Starts at 3:10)

Rob welcomes Pooya Zand Vakili to discuss Malcolm Freberg.  Pooya and Rob will talk through both of Malcolm’s previous seasons to chart Malcolm’s game.  Rob and Pooya will discuss how Malcolm’s use of the hidden immunity idol made him a true game changer and much more in a marathon look back at all things Malcolm.

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Lindsay Wilson on Sarah Lacina from Survivor Cagayan (Interview Starts at 1:30:00 )

In our second interview, Rob welcomes Lindsay Wilson to discuss Sarah Lacina.  Lindsay traces the Tony and Sarah relationship back to the early days of the Cagayan Brawn Tribe and discusses the evolution of that relationship and her game in Season 28.  Lindsay and Rob discuss how the Tony and Sarah relationship might affect the season and how she may fare in Game Changers.

Sarah’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

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