Malcolm Freberg Survivor Caramoan Exit Interview – 4/25/13

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Malcolm Freberg was the guy that many Survivor fans were rooting for to win it all this season, but after a week where he couldn’t find the hidden immunity idol, Malcolm became the latest player voted out of Survivor Caramoan. Malcolm joins Rob Cesternino to discuss his second appearance on Survivor in his Rob Has a Podcast exit interview.

Andrea Stakes Out Malcolm Looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol

Rob starts off by asking Malcolm about Andrea Boehlke’s following him around as he searched for the immunity idol. Malcolm said that he was already getting frustrated with the search for the idol before Andrea came over and that standoff only lasted for 20 minutes. As for trying to get Erik Reichenbach and Sherri to switch to his side, Malcolm said that he thought there was a chance it would happen but he wasn’t confident. After seeing the bad blood between Sherri and Eddie, Malcolm was surprised that she would even consider working with the Three Amigos.

The Three Amigos Play Two Idols at Last Week’s Tribal Council

Turning to last week’s wild tribal council, Rob wants to know how much of that scene was planned out ahead of time. Malcolm says that he found the second idol shortly before tribal council and told the bro’s about it. Malcolms plan was to NOT play the idols at the tribal council, but after Erik called out that they may be bluffing, Malcolm and Eddie were forced in to playing it. Malcolm also said he never considered keeping both idols for himself because he didn’t think that was a winnable strategy. Malcolm conceded that not giving up the name of Phillip would’ve been a good move, but he was very afraid that Stealth R Us would just vote out Sherri.

Rapid Fire Survivor Caramoan Questions for Malcolm

Malcolm discusses what it was like for him to play the game as a complete outsider with favorites who all knew each other.  Malcolm said he was able to connect with Corinne because she is an outsider in most Survivor circles.  Rob asks Malcolm why Eddie didn’t bid on the advantage in the immunity challenge and Malcolm chalked it up to Eddie being the same guy who is wondering why anybody would vote out the “hot chicks” on the show.  Malcolm also told Rob why he was never able to work with Brenda Lowe in the game.

Looking at a few “what if” scenarios, Malcolm believes that this would have been a much different game if Corinne didn’t tell Dawn about their plan after the merge – and if Stealth R Us goes through with splitting the votes at that point.  Additionally, Malcolm couldn’t believe that Eddie revealed the plan to Andrea which caused the big “Hold up, Bro” maneuver to backfire.

Wrap Up

We’ll have another podcast with Malcolm Freberg in the future to talk about these last two seasons in greater detail.  Later today, Rob will speak with Jonathan Penner about his thoughts on this season and playing the game with Malcolm and Erik Reichenbach.

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