Game Changers Cast Preview #2: Cirie Fields and Jeff Varner

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Game Changer Expert Series: Deep Dives into the Survivor Games of Cirie Fields and Jeff Varner

Rob Cesternino discusses the Survivor playing past and tries to project the future trajectory of Game Changers, Cirie Fields and Jeff Varner.

Liana Boraas on Cirie Fields from Survivor Exile Island, Micronesia and Heroes Vs. Villains (Interview Starts at 3:05)

Rob welcomes Liana Boraas (@LianaBoraas) to discuss all three of Cirie Fields’ Survivor appearances.  We’ll discuss the evolution of Cirie and what adjustments need to be made for Cirie to get back on track after Heroes vs. Villains.

Cirie Field’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

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How to Create a Survivor Fan, Panama-Style – (Not a Cirie appearance but a great breakdown of Cirie’s game from Sarah Channon)


Dustin West on Jeff Varner from Survivor Australia and Second Chance (Interview Starts at 1:10:40)

In our second interview, Rob welcomes Dustin West to discuss what a third Survivor appearance for Jeff Varner.  We’ll discuss why Jeff struggled in Cambodia and what needs to go differently this time for Jeff to finally make the jury. 

Jeff Varner’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

Survivor Kaoh Rong Premiere Episode Recap with Jeff Varner – February 2016

Second Chance Exit Interview – October 2015

Survivor: Second Chances | Jeff Varner Interview – May 2015

Jeff Varner on the Survivor Big Blunder from Colton and Company – March 2012

Jeff Varner on Survivor Mike Skupin Then vs. Now – November 2012

Watch Jeff Varner: The Movie

Jeff Varner: The Movie (Survivor Supercut) from Dustin_West on Vimeo.


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