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Malcolm Freberg is about to embark a 20-day journey around the US doing whatever people tell him to.  This is probably the last time Rob would be able to talk to Malcolm before he goes off for this crazy adventure.

Being on RHAP Before the Trip as a Good Luck Charm?

Rob actually also checked in with Parvati right before she left for Around the World for Free as sort of a bon voyage.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything like a great good luck charm for Parvati because she got hurt on Around the World for Free where she broke her arm while travelling around the world, reason why Rob never leaves the house. Malcolm agrees with Rob saying that safety should always come first and that Rob has kept such physique in such good form so Rob really doesn’t want any damage or harm to come to it.

A Brief Overview of Wayfaring

Rob tells Malcolm he’s excited that he gets to vicariously see the US in July through Malcolm’s eyes.  Malcolm talks about this new adventure he’s taking on where he’s taking a 20-day road trip of the United States with a small camera crew.

The first twist is that every day of the trip is going to be an episode which comes out the very next day.  They leave on July 1 so whatever they shoot on that day comes out the next day, and so on and so forth.  So the production team is probably going to be dead by the end of it.

What’s even crazier is that everywhere they go and everything they do, is left up to social media voting.  They are partnering with a company in the West Coast called Zoomph to host all of their polls wherein people vote with hashtags and different options will be given each day.  And the audience can send them wherever they want to send them.  Even little options for the day is up to the audience’s call.  Basically, whatever they’re told to do is what they’re gonna do.  And it comes out the very next day.  You choose, Malcolm does it.

The Inspiration Behind Wayfaring

Malcolm says the original inspiration for this is the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books wherein when you reach the bottom of the page, there are a few options as to how you want it to end.  Rob asks if you can flip ahead to tomorrow and see if he dies, then he decides to not go to that direction.  Malcolm gives Rob a concurring laugh, saying that he is that kid too who would flip back immediately after realizing that it was a bad response.  Unfortunately, he just has to go die if he is being sent to some place where’s that’s going to happen.  So basically, the audience gets to dictate the action within the parameter of the options given.

Rob then asks Malcolm as to whose idea was this.  Malcolm explains that his original plan was winning a million dollars on Survivor, buy a bar and disappear in Mexico.  He obviously didn’t win but he got popular and was approached to do a lot of travel shows.  But CBS locked up his soul for a very long time afterwards so he couldn’t do anything right away.  Everything people were asking him to do involved starving and being half naked in the wilderness, and trying to survive.  Eventually, producers came to him with this idea.  He basically is involved much on the hosting.  He doesn’t take full credit for the idea and it wasn’t his original idea either.

Smarter than Trashy TV

The website is and Rob comments on how the show heavily incorporates drinking into it and he asks Malcolm if there is any partying in each city they’re going to.  Malcolm explains that the primary episode showed him holding a bunch of whiskey because a lot of content he has put out in the Internet over the past year and a half revolved around whiskey.  But he stresses that it’s not gonna be anything like a booze fest or doing trashy TV.  They want to make it more intelligent and make it more wit-based.  Although when they get to Kentucky, they might go to a distillery where it somehow is going to be educational but he gets to drink a bit.  But he wants to make sure that the show doesn’t appear as boozy or like a party scene.  It should be intelligent, showing the country.  Definitely, it should be smarter than trashy TV.  Basically it would be a mixture and a balance of things – charity, learning, fun, exciting TV, and also making him miserable.  He has been getting some progress reports of what he might be doing each day, but lately he doesn’t get to see what the producers are planning anymore.  What he does know is that he walked into a conversation about a nudist colony which, to him, sounds awful and the mere thought of it obviously makes him feel nauseated.  There are certainly some things that he is going to hate and he doesn’t trust the Internet for putting these options in their hands.

Rob tells him that there are people who love him but there is also this vote-for-the-worst type of people who want to see the most disagreeable thing to happen to him.  Malcolm knows they’re out there and when the polls go open, he will definitely be campaigning for his favorites.

A Day in the Life of Malcolm on Wayfaring

Rob asks Malcolm to talk us through “a day in the life” of Malcolm, say 3rd of July.  Malcolm sees it as they’ve probably woken up at midpoint after the previous day’s activities.  They have a tour bus but they will also be staying at crap motels.  So he wakes up in the morning and gets ready for the day and then these polls are gonna go live and the audience gets to vote on where he’s gonna drive for that day.  The poll is going to stay open until about 12:30 Eastern Time to set some time to where they’re going.  But they will still be shooting while they’re on the road and he will still be doing some silly stuff the producers may ask him to do while they announce the 30-min. poll (like flirt with the clerk at a highway stop for example and he has to go do it.)  For Day 3, Malcolm is guessing that the options are going to be Amarillo, Texas for cowboy adventures or Roswell, New Mexico for alien adventures.  And the options for what he’s gonna be doing should revolve around where they presently are.  Rob says that he will definitely campaign for aliens.  Malcolm imagines that the Internet is also gonna go for the aliens.  It’s totally up to them.

Rob certainly is curious and asks what the agenda would be for Day 1.  Malcolm says it’s either Grand Canyon or Phoenix.  Then he will do a game of capture the flag on donkeys if he were in Grand Canyon.  If he were in Phoenix on the other hand, he’s keeping his fingers crossed that the producers will get him to a demolition derby and drive a car.

The Other Characters

Rob asks who will he be playing “capture the flag” with and Malcolm explains that it’s not gonna be just him all the time.  The crew is going to be part of the show as well as the producers and four interns.  So basically everyone will be involved in it and be characters in the show and they will also have their own stories as they go along – cameras, producers, editors, a bunch of kids (the interns who pretty much don’t know how much Malcolm is gonna torture them yet because they signed on for this road trip), and of course, the Pink Gorilla.  Rob asks if the pink gorilla is a nod to Phillip Sheppard who has a gorilla tattoo and wears pink underwear.  Malcolm warns Rob that he is about to hang up if he brings up Phillip.  Seriously though, the Pink Gorilla is the one who brought them all together.  He is the boss, the showrunner, and to whom all major decisions go through, and his story will develop over the course of the trip.  There would be a few cute girls on the show as well.

The polls for the first day will open in the morning of the first day.  The voting will start on July 1, the episode won’t be out until July 2.  Rob asks Malcolm if there’s anything that he specified that he won’t do on the show.  Malcolm is clear on being against having any permanent physical scarring because during the conception of the show, they wanted to make something like Jackass but they decided to make it an intelligent show.  He is also strongly against haircuts.  So while he is not okay with any physical scarring, he’s totally fine with emotional scarring saying that he should get over it.  Rob asks what might emotionally scar him and Rob instantly says the nudist colony could be one of them.  Malcolm also reveals that before this podcast, they opened their first practice poll for the public on or you can access it over Twitter: @WayfaringLive.  The ongoing poll is: What does Malcolm have to sing on an LA street corner tonight?    Then people get to choose by starting their answer with #wf.  So as soon as the results of the poll comes out, he’s gonna sing out on the street.

Where They Got the Show’s Name From

Basically it’s the best way they found that is related to traveling and the word “wayfaring” actually means to travel on foot.  Although they are not going to travel literally on foot but they are using it because they think it’s cool and they’re twisting it to their own purposes.  They will be on one bus and another vehicle to go around the country in 20 days, hoping the vehicles won’t break down or anything like that.

Questions Answered: Live

Malcolm is also answering questions from the audience and here are some interesting stuff which you will learn:

  • whether the Mr. Survivor belt is making appearances on the show
  • if he can come up with a unique drink in every place he visits which he can pair up nicely with an RHAP cocktail
  • is he gonna wear a necklace of hotdogs in a nudist colony (Malcolm really hopes none of the producers is listening to this podcast)
  • whether this is going to be like a Rock of Love tour bus
  • if it’s possible for one of the polls to be for Malcolm to put the Mr. Survivor belt on the most attractive woman he can find
  • will there be a promise for one RHAP joke per episode in exchange for a Kickstarter donation
  • whether Malcolm has bonded with Spencer since the end of the season
  • Malcolm is a fan of the Game of Thrones
  • if he’s planning to visit Ms. Survivor Andrea Boehlke’s Wisconsin farm
  • whether Malcolm is writing blogs when the show is over
  • about the possible tension between Malcolm and the rest of the Wayfaring entourage
  • how long each episode will be
  • whether he would consider returning to Survivor for a Blood vs. Water Season with the Pink Gorilla
  • his take on Tony being the winner of this season although he was rooting for Spencer
  • if there are competitive eating contests

Malcolm also encourages people to drop by as they come to their town and say hi and get involved.  They are actually incentivizing people on Kickstarter such as exclusive access to behind-the-scenes, extended cuts, private polls, and live Q&As every three days.

Wayfaring Season 2?


Rob asks what success for Wayfaring will look like and Malcolm explains that they have already developed options for the next season but the idea would be to keep on doing this kind of stuff. Malcolm is currently focusing on making that the show look good and produce something that’s never been done before.  Rob also asks Malcolm to deny or confirm the rumor that Wayfaring Season 2 will be done in space and Malcolm replies that he hopes it can be done in Season 43.  But he promises that Wayfaring Season 2 is something people will go nuts for.


Ding, Marry, Kill

Robs also throws out a Ding, Marry, Kill for Malcolm.  The choices are Wayfaring, Around the World for Free, Around the World in 80 Ways.  Malcolm chooses to ding Around the World in 80 Ways and kill Around the World for Free.


Rob further asks if Malcolm is willing to eat Rocky Mountain oyster on the show and Malcolm asks Rob to stop giving people such ideas for options.  But basically if that’s what’s gonna happen, then has has to do it.


Towards the end of the show, Rob asks Malcolm for the first options they’re gonna be mulling over and Malcolm reveals that it will be between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix.  Rob advises Malcolm to stay away from the Grand Canyon for safety purposes.  Lastly, Malcolm will be tweeting from @MalcolmWHW and he also encourages people to follow @WayfaringLive.  What WHW stands for unfortunately remains to be a secret and which he will be taking along with him down to his grave. – The Home Page of Malcolm’s New Show

Mr. Survivor sets off on a new adventure on Wayfaring[/caption]

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