Game Changer Cast Preview #5: Ozzy Lusth & Debbie Wanner

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Game Changer Expert Series: Deep Dives into the Survivor Games of Ozzy Lusth and Debbie Wanner

Rob Cesternino discusses the previous Survivor games and tries to project the future trajectory of Game Changers, Ozzy Lusth and Debbie Wanner.

Tyler Kakuno on Ozzy Lusth from Survivor Cook Islands, Survivor Micronesia and Survivor South Pacific (Interview Starts at 1:55)

Rob welcomes Tyler Kakuno to discuss Ozzy Lusth.  Tyler believes that Ozzy is an extremely underrated Survivor player based on the fact that he almost won the game on two separate occasions.  Rob and Tyler discuss the times when Ozzy was playing the best and the moments where Ozzy got the most away from what works well for him.

Ozzy’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

Survivor South Pacific Post Finale Interviews with Sophie, Brandon, Rick, Albert, Coach & Ozzy

Shannon Gaitz on Debbie Wanner from Survivor Kaôh Rong (Interview Starts at 56:30)

In our second interview, Rob welcomes Shannon Gaitz to discuss Debbie Wanner.  Shannon explains why many fans have the wrong perception of Debbie as just a wacky character and not a game player.  Shannon tells us about the things that Debbie did extremely well in the pre-merge of Kaoh Rong and how she can potentially excel in Game Changers.

Debbie’s Previous Podcast Appearance:

Survivor Kaôh Rong Exit Interview

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