Post Finale Interviews with Sophie, Brandon, Rick, Albert, Coach & Ozzy

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Survivor South Pacific came to an end on Sunday night but we can’t close the book on Survivor 23 without talking to all of the remaining cast members. Rob Cesternino and Nicole talk about the season gone by with Survivor South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke, Rick Nelson, Brandon Hantz, Albert Destrade, Coach Ben Wade and Ozzy Lusth.

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Sophie Clarke (1:30) –  Sophie starts off the interview by explaining why she has a bone to pick with Rob. Sophie goes on and explains her strategy of working with Coach and what her relationship is like with Coach now. Sophie talks about the role that religion played in both this season and in her own victory. Sophie discuss some of the backlash against her and if she’s been perceived as a worthy winner of Survivor… and if she actually cares.

Brandon Hantz and Rick Nelson (12:30) Rob asks Brandon Hantz about the reaction last night that Russell Hantz had during the reunion show. Rob asks Brandon Hantz about the possibility that this feud with uncle Russell is possibly all for show as a way to set up a Brandon vs. Russell season. Rob and Nicole discuss Rick’s vote in the final tribal council and why he voted for Coach in the end. Brandon also explains his decision to give the immunity necklace to Albert at his final tribal council.

Albert Destrade (25:00) – Albert discusses his strategy to get to the end in Survivor South Pacific. Albert reveals whether or not he knew if Brandon was going home after he gave his immunity away at tribal council. Albert also explains the evolution of his working relationship with Sophie throughout the game and has a few harsh words for Rick.

Coach Wade (36:40) – Coach Wade returns to the podcast to discuss his Survivor experience. Coach was upset that he did not get a vote from Ozzy as a fellow returning player. Coach thinks that he played the most difficult game and should have been recognized as the winner of the game. Rob and Nicole ask Coach if he thinks that Sophie was a deserving winner of the game. Coach tells us if he expected to win last night and also announces when people will get to see the film, 180.

Ozzy Lusth (51:40) Rob and Nicole welcome Ozzy to the podcast and discuss where exactly Ozzy went wrong in the final challenge. Nicole asks Ozzy about Coach’s comments that Ozzy should have voted for Coach in the final three. Rob asks Ozzy when he thought of the idea to give the immunity idol to Cochran and if it was a realistic possibility in the game. We discuss what Ozzy had in mind for his own final three had Savaii made it to the end. Finally, we discuss Ozzy’s experience on Redemption Island vs. a regular game of Survivor and if Ozzy would ever return to Survivor.

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