Andrea Boehlke & Reynold Toepfer Survivor Caramoan Exit Interviews

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On a week with a Survivor double tribal council, Rob speaks with not one but two Survivor Caramoan castoffs in one exit interview podcast.

Andrea Boehlke

Rob welcomes Andrea back to the podcast and asks her about how much she was influenced in her game by Boston Rob Mariano. Like Phillip, Rob wants to know if Andrea fashioned her game after the one she saw win in Survivor Redemption Island. Rob is also curious how much it hurt Andrea to have Phillip out of the game after being such a trusted ally of hers in the game.

Rob wants to know if Andrea felt betrayed by Erik Reichenbach and if she would have legitimately taken him to the final three of this season. Turning to Cochran, Rob wants to know how upset she was with Cochran and if she realized that he may have been betraying her. Rob wants to know if Andrea thought of using the idol after Cochran’s comments at tribal council.

Finally, why was Andrea so threatened by Brenda in the game. Rob wants to know if Andrea regrets pushing to get her out of the game.

Reynold Toepfer

Poor Reynold – He went to tribal council a total of eight times and only on two occasions did the person he was voting for go home.  Rob wants to know what it was like for Reynold to play the game from behind over the course of 31 days.  Rob is curious to know who Reynold was frustrated with that would not make a move to work with him.  Why was Reynold unable to deliver Erik Reichenbach’s vote during last week’s episode when they were trying to vote out Andrea?

Going back to the famous “Hold up, Bro” moment, what was Reynold’s reaction when he found out that Malcolm actually had a hidden immunity idol.  What did Malcolm say when he told the bros that he had a second idol?  Rob also wants to know if Malcolm told the bros where to look for the hidden immunity idol he couldn’t find.


Tune in later today when Rob speaks with Richard Hatch about this week’s episode of Survivor.

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