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The LIVE 2014 Miss Survivor Debate with Ciera, Candice & Andrea


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Rob Cesternino moderates the 2nd Annual Miss Survivor debates featuring Candace Cody, Ciera Eastin and Andrea Boehlke

Rob was pleased to introduce the digging deep Ciera Eastin, second time finalist but first time debating Andrea Boehlke, and the practical joking Candice Cody.  Andrea was given the first opening statement, where she highlighted his second time experience across the border in Survivor Affairs, owning an idol, and other gigs. Candice promoted showcasing John Cody arm candy, her cabinet members, a year full of RHAP pranks, and shout outs to internationals watchers. Ciera spoke about her fun experience with her whole Survivor experience and how she would love to be a part of the fun.

Unique questions were presented to each candidate with permitted rebuttals.  Ciera was asked about how her haircolor advantage over the two blondes, due to no previous blonde Ms. Survivors. Andrea and Candice each revealed secrets about their hair in response.
Candice was asked about her experience playing with the first Ms. Survivor but admitted to not have talked much to her about it. Candice compared and contrasted her style of play to Parvati’s game.  Andrea was asked about what she would need to do differently to make it to the end of Survivor. Andrea cited male players leading to her downfall most of the time.

Each were then asked what tribes the candidates would be assigned to on Survivor Cagayan themselves and then for the others. Andrea wanted on the Brawn, and Candice relegated herself to the Beauty tribe, and Ciera placed herself in the Brains. Candice revealed she didn’t know what the RHAP staple ‘kneecap sucking” was as the girls discussed tribe selections.

Asking about the essence of being a woman on Survivor caused confusion, a sense of a chip on your shoulder, and the sexism issue to be talked about in all seriousness.

Each candidate then got a chance to state their case for how much time allotment they will give to the RHAP community. Ignoring patients, east coast roasts, among other things were cited as answers.  Aras’s jury question for who each candidate would vote for if she could only vote for one of the other 2 candidates. Andrea chose Candice, Candice chose Ciera, and Ciera chose Candice, all for varying reasons.

Next question was about the candidates’ own Survivor crushes. Ciera admitted to liking Boston Rob back in the day, Candice admitted to having many crushes but her biggest one was Dave Johnson from Survivor 6 The Amazon and JP from Survivor 13 Cook Islands, and Andrea picked John Cody, unsuccessfully trying to rattle Candice.  All the women agreed that future transgender candidates should be permitted to enter any RHAP pageants and that bulges on Survivor should not be blurred.

Forced to say negative things about the others, the gals got passive aggressive with their (questionably) bold statements about the others.
Ding Marry Kill with the Mr. Survivor final 3 led to some shocking details in the inner psyche of the witty candidates, with some innovative ideas along the way.

Tyson was thrown under the bus by all 3 after he posed a question. Each were then asked to tell a funny story about themselves, with some hilarious results.

The night concluded with closing statements from all 3, where ambitious intentions, past efforts, and appreciation to the fan base mentioned.

Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for recapping tonight’s Miss Survivor Debates

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