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Rob Has a Podcast

RHAP Best of 2020

As we look ahead to New Year's Eve and the glimmer of hope that 2020 is almost over, let's rewind and revisit some of the highs from this year. Today, Rob Cesternino highlights some of the best moments of 2020 on RHAP. 
Rob Has a Podcast

RHAP Patron Family Feud

Rob Cesternino, brings together the RHAP community to quiz both podcasters and patrons alike! With the help of ms Family Feud, Nicole Horn, the stars of your favorite RHAPups hosts face-off against a team of their most dedicated listeners. 
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Rob Has a Podcast

The Pack | Season 1, Episode 1 Recap

Rob Cesternino is joined by the ultimate pack of podcasters to recap Prime Video's new series: The Pack. Joining this pack is Amazing Race expert and Post Show Recaps host, Jessica Liese, Mole Patrol host, Brooklyn Zed, and American Ninja Warrior RHAPup host, Lita Brillman. Together, they unpack everything from episode 1 of this new competition show featuring some fluffy teams.