The Survivor South Pacific Premiere with Andrea Boehlke

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Survivor is back for another exciting season and so are Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino with another season of Survivor podcasts.  Joining us today will be Andrea Boehlke (Survivor Redemption Island) to talk about all of the drama for the 90-minute premiere.

– Who had the better first episode Coach Ben Wade or Ozzy Lusth?  Which of these two returning Survivors is set up better for success on Survivor South Pacific?  Who was Rob more impressed with after one episode?

– What does Andrea Boehlke think of the two returning players to the game?  How did Andrea think that these returning players compared to Boston Rob Mariano from her season?

– How did Survivor super fan, John Cochran fare in the first episode?  How did the tribe all end up voting for him to stay over Semhar?

– How did Brandon Hantz compare to Russell Hantz in the first episode?  Will his secret eventually be revealed to the rest of the tribe and will that be the end of his game?

– What happened to make Rob think that Jim might be in the best position to be the biggest power player in the game?

It’s a Survivor podcast that’s been a summer-long in the making… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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