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October 2012

10/31/12 - On a very special Halloween night edition of Survivor Know-It-Alls, Stephen Fishbach and Rob Cesternino recap a crazy merge episode of Survivor Philippines, get a surprise visit from Ian Terry from Big Brother 14 and judge the Survivor costumes of the live RHAP audience.

LIVE on Tues, 10/30 at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT... Rob Cesternino recaps the latest episode of The Amazing Race and takes your calls live. Rob tells you why he hates the non elimination leg of the Amazing Race in the episode recap. Rob is then joined by Big Brother correspondent Brian Lynch to get his thoughts on Amazing Race and to discuss Hoff-O-Ween. Finally, Rob talks Survivor Philippines with Tyler Sloan and […] Read More

10/29/12 - This weekend, the 2012 Podcast Award Nominees were announced and Rob Has a Podcast has been nominated for this year's Best Entertainment Podcast.

10/28/12 – In this week’s column, Guest Blogger Andy Baker crosses a lot of questions off of his Survivor grocery list: How did Jeff Kent backstab himself? Why should everyone left in the game fear the power of Penner? Who is the merge going to hurt, and who is it going to help? What new alliances should the eleven remaining castaways consider creating? And what the heck is going on with AB’s pre-season pick to win it all, Mike Skupin?! All this and more in the latest Baker’s Dozen!

10/29/12 - A small-scale bargain between tribes resulted in all kinds of craziness among tribal dynamics this week. Guest blogger Sarah Freeman analyzes the online videos and Katie's podcast in order to give her verdict on who got the better end of the deal, along with how everybody's game stands. How have Boston Rob's methods become outdated? What's so bad about Michael? Who might align with who going forward? The merge is coming; read this to be prepared.

10/29/12 - Even Hurricane Sandy can't stop Eric Curto from telling you what's going on from the latest episode of The Amazing Race.

10/26/12 - Amanda Kimmel has played in three different seasons of Survivor and made the finals twice, now she joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the latest episode of Survivor Philippines and weigh in on the big rice for sandwiches trade. Plus, Amanda answers questions about all three of her Survivor seasons on Rob has a Podcast.

The Battle of the Wicker Ball was the longest stalemate in Survivor history. Or at least, it might have been, if not for the diplomatic bargaining skills of Jonathon Penner. Guest blogger Glenn Holford discusses the art of diffusing the stalemate in this week’s Survivor Blog!

10/25/12 - Rob Cesternino speaks with the latest person voted out of the tribe on Survivor: Philippines and gets their take on the big rice for sandwiches trade in our latest Survivor exit interview

10/19/12 - Boston Rob Mariano is the most celebrated player to ever don the Survivor buff and this week he finally makes his first appearance on Rob Has a Podcast. Boston Rob discusses Survivor Philippines and his four Survivor seasons in an exclusive interview that every Survivor fan is going to enjoy.

10/24/12 - This week's Survivor gave the Know-It-Alls plenty to talk about. First Rob Cesternino sets up the big trade where Kalabaw traded their rice to Tandang, then Stephen Fishbach weighed in on his take. Plus, did Jeff Kent make the right move by taking Jonathan Penner into a potential merge?

LIVE on Tuesday 10/23 at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT -- Join Rob Cesternino LIVE to recap this week's edition of The Amazing Race and preview Episode 6 of Survivor Philippines.

10/22/12 - Eric Curto provides a video blog recapping everything that went down during Episode 4 of The Amazing Race.

10/22/12 - What does Fantasy writer AJ Mass think about the performance of Jeff Kent so far on Survivor Philippines? Plus, AJ tells us which of the 12 remaining players best fit his 12 archetypes of any organization?

10/22/12 - This week, Matsing meets its final fate, Kalabaw finds itself jinxed, and fortune smiles upon Tandang. Guest Blogger Sarah Freeman looks at how the individual players handle their good and bad luck this week and puts in her two cents on Pete bromancing Malcolm, the strategy of the Kalabaw women and whether Dana quit or was med-evaced.