The Know-It-Alls React to the Wild Merge Vote on Halloween Night

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It’s a Halloween edition of the Survivor Know-it-Alls. In case it wasn’t immediately obvious, Stephen Fishbach reveals that he is dressed as Pete for Halloween. Stephen was in the epicenter of the storm, but is doing well. Rob and Stephen send their best wishes to all the people dealing with Hurricane Sandy– including Survivor R.C. Saint-Amour, who is without power and has been evacuated, so she won’t be able to do an exit interview with Rob tomorrow. Rob declares Sandy as the Storm that Sucks.

Rob also announces that voting starts tomorrow for the podcast awards. RHAP was nominated as the Best Entertainment Podcast. You can vote once a day starting November 1 at

Rob and Stephen both agree that this was one of the best episodesof Survivor in a long time, and they’re excited to recap all of the action. They were shocked that Penner played the idol. Stephen is sure he must have been tipped off, because he doesn’t seem to have a good read on people. He also thinks he may have just been cautious because he doesn’t want to be voted out with an idol in his pocket.

They discuss how Jeff Kent made a terrible move, because he had a solid 4 person alliance and could have picked up Mike Skupin and R.C., but he was too concerned about Penner. Stephen thinks it makes his move last week of getting Katie out look foolish now as well. Because you always have to “expect the unexpected” on Rob Has a Web Show, a surprise guest appears on the show: Ian Terry, the winner of Big Brother 14 and the Rich Man’s Cochran. He is dressed as Shane from Big Brother for Halloween.

Rob, Stephen, and Ian discuss Jeff Kent’s move and Penner’s use of the idol. They also talk about how it seems odd that Jeff Kent is a celebrity yet doesn’t want to work with the returning players. Ian and Stephen think it may be an ego issue– he doesn’t want to be made a fool of. They also talk about how Jeff Probst seems to be causing some trouble in his commentary, such as saying Penner will be in trouble at tribal council or saying things that may suggest Jeff Kent is an athlete.

They also give their thoughts on Carter and this week’s immunity challenge, in which many of the stronger guys dropped out first. Rob and Stephen discuss how Lisa found Malcolm’s immunity idol and whether her final 3 deal with Malcolm and Denise is a good move. They also talk about whether Tandang made the right move to get rid of one of their own. Stephen thinks it was a pretty smart move because getting rid of RC eliminates Skupin’s options. Rob was surprised that Skupin voted for Penner, and Stephen thinks that Skupin must have found out. They wonder if Skupin tipped off Penner to play his idol.

Next, Rob and Stephen discuss next week’s preview. It looks like Jonathan Penner and Skupin are fighting in the spoiler, and Penner has no alliances with anyone. But Stephen feels the previews are anti-spoiler– usually the opposite of what is shown happens. They also speculate about whether it will be a Final 2 on the jury, and the chatroom informs Rob that R.C. is the first member of the jury.

Ian Terry joins the web show again to spill details on his infatuation with R.C. and how he is battling Murtz for her favor. He would like to take her to the Survivor finale, and he offers her safe haven at his home to protect her from Hurricane Sandy.

Rob announces that Colton Cumbie from Survivor One World will be his guest on the podcast this week– Rob assures he will be on his best behavior and he has a lot to say about this season.

Stephen thinks the new merged tribe name “Dangrayne” (dang rain) is the best name ever. Rob wants a listener of RHAP to get on Survivor and incorporate a Rob Has a Podcast idiom into the merged tribe name. That’s how he will know he has officially made it.

Stephen and Rob talk about how Malcolm and Denise or Jeff Kent and Carter may be the new Stephen and JT from Tocantins. They think that Pete may be the new Coach in this scenario. Stephen and Rob disagree about the benefits of coming into a merge down in numbers. They go backwards through the recent seasons and identify which ones were Pagongings and which ones weren’t. They also think Penner should take a page out of the Dan Gheesling handbook and host his own funeral, because it isn’t looking too good for him.

They discuss whether Lisa will expose the knowledge that Malcolm has the idol. Rob thinks she will when push comes to shove, and Stephen thinks she may miss her opportunity to use that knowledge.

Next, the Halloween costume competition begins. First up is Troy Cockrum as Rupert, complete with Beard and Tie-Dye. Then Michael Brown calls in from New Zealand, looking lean as Red Jeans Carter. Laura Holzwasser is next in her blazer and Tandang buff as the latest eliminee R.C. The fourth contestant is Shawn James as an off-the-island Cochran, holding a guitar and struggling to come up with a witty remark. Michael Norris is next up, trying to charm his way for a vote in his Stephen Fishbach costume. Brian Lynch crashes the Survivor party as the Amazing Race Chippendale dancer Jaymes, and his dance moves render Rob and Stephen speechless. Last but not least is Shelby Kilmer, clad in a blue shirt and doing her best Jeff Probst impression. After some debate, proud Indianan Troy is announced as the winner, getting his very own Tundra Hat ( from Survivor winner Aras Baskauskas.

At the close of the podcast, Rob mentions a service he’s offering ( to help you get your Survivor video up to snuff before you submit your application. Ian Terry also chimes in with an endorsement in the chatroom, saying “Go to a casting call or send those videos in! Anybody has a chance to get on, even I could do it.”

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