Aras on Why They Are Matsing-ing the Blues on Survivor

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On Survivor Exile Island, Aras Baskauskas worked his way up from a tribe of four to become the winner of the game. Now Aras makes his second RHAPearance to discuss what has been going on this season for the Matsing tribe on Survivor Philippines.

Rob starts off by asking Aras about the losing ways of the Matsing tribe who have lost their third consecutive immunity challenge in a row. Rob wants to know whether or not they made the right move by getting rid of Angie Layton instead of their leader Russell Swan. Aras thought that Angie’s response to the cookie question last week was especially brilliant. Aras said that was the perfect answer to the question because it was the non controversial answer. Both Rob and Aras think that Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley are in good positions in the game and could go far if they can escape the Matsing tribe. Rob also wants Aras to compare Angie Layton to Danielle DiLorenzo from Survivor Exile Island, and Aras say that he prefers Danielle.

Over on the Kalabaw tribe, Rob asks Aras if he had ever gotten a four finger handshake on Survivor like the one Jeff Kent gave to Jonathan Penner. Rob and Aras speak a little bit about how little promises and swearing and handshakes have become on reality tv in 2012. Both guys liked the agressive move for Penner and think it might help him in the game down the road.

Meanwhile in Mike Skupin’s tribe, the Tandang tribe, there is chaos on the horizon. Abi-Maria Gomes and RC Saint-Amour are no longer BFF like in the first episode. Now Pete Yurkowski is looking to blindside Mike Skupin when he has the chance and with Abi-Maria having the idol, it may be trouble looming for Mike Skupin. Plus, Aras thinks that Lisa Whelchel may be able to turn her game around now that she’s had a little bit of time to adjust to her surroundings.

Rob asks Aras your questions from the RHAP Facebook Fan Page including whether Aras thinks that Bruce Kengai should have been included in the all medically removed players season, whether being on RHAP has helped Aras get the word out about Odd Us music and a few rounds of Ding / Marry / Kill.

Later in the show, Rob spoke with our special Indiana politics correspondent, Troy Cockrum, to discuss the latest news in Rupert Boneham’s run to become the governor of Indiana. Rupert is running in the Libertarian party and is out campaigning for support. Troy reported that Rupert is really adamant about an issue involving the Federal government looking to have farmers get a commercial license to operate tractors and other farm equipment.

Finally, Rob closed out the show by going over some of the highlights from the night in Survivor on twitter and reading what you guys have been saying about the shows.

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