Boston Rob Has a Podcast: Rob Mariano on Four Seasons of Survivor

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Since the inception of Rob Has a Podcast, listeners have wondered if Boston Rob would ever appear on the show… wonder no more. Boston Rob Mariano from Survivor Marquesas, Survivor All-Stars, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains and the season that made him a winner, Survivor Redemption Island joins Rob Cesternino is the most extensive interview of Boston Rob’s Survivor career.

Rob Cesternino starts by talking with Boston Rob about Survivor Philippines and his take on whether he likes the three tribe format of the game. Boston Rob has played many different variations of the game, including Survivor All-Stars where there were also three tribes. Rob thinks it was a mistake for the Kalabaw tribe not to vote out Denise Stapley this week when they had the chance. Rob C. asks how come Boston Rob didn’t vote out Jenna Lewis and Rupert Boneham on Survivor All-Stars when they were in a similar position and Boston Rob explained his thinking from that game.

Rob C. brought up the medical evacuation of Dana Lambert from the game this week and how that compared to Boston Rob from Survivor Heroes vs. Villains the famous case of Crybaby-itis. Rob says that it’s a real thing that got brought on from severe dehydration, much like what happened to Russell Swan on Survivor Samoa. Boston Rob also discusses knowing Mike Skupin from charity events that the older players used to attend back in the day. Rob is excited for Skupin to return to the show for this season. Boston Rob also likes Jeff Kent but may be rooting for him more if he had ever played for the Boston Red Sox.

Eventually, Rob begins asking Boston Rob many of the questions that came from the Facebook Fan Page spanning across a number of different seasons of the show. Boston Rob discusses many of the famous moments from his Survivor playing career including:

– What were his plans for Survivor Heroes vs. Villains had Tyson decided not to switch his vote. What could Rob have done differently to change his fate in the game?

– His thoughts on his decision to vote out Hunter Ellis early on in Survivor Marquesas. Why did he decide to take out Hunter and what did he learn about the game?

– What does Rob think now about his decision to not save Lex on Survivor All-Stars after Lex didn’t vote Amber Brkich out of the game. What does Rob wish he could change about how that whole situation was handled?

– How did Boston Rob end up working so closely with Phillip Sheppard during Survivor Redemption Island?

– Which of his seasons had the toughest weather conditions?

– Would Boston Rob be open to possibly replacing Jeff Probst if Jeff decided he didn’t want to host Survivor any more?

– Plus, what exactly happened in Survivor: All-Stars when the two Robs played the game together on the same tribe? What really was the downfall of Rob Cesternino that season?

It’s a Survivor interview spanning Boston Rob’s last 11 years of playing Survivor. For a Boston Rob fan, this is truly the interview that you’ve been waiting for.

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