How the Cookie Crumbled: Survivor Angie Tells All

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Angie Layton was the third person voted out of the Matsing Drive and a third person voted out of Survivor Philippines. Angie calls in today to speak with Rob Cesternino about her survivor adventure.

Rob starts off by asking Angie about the dramatic tribal Council in which Russel Swan made her very upset. Rob ask Angie exactly what Russell said that bothered her the most during the tribal council. Rob then inquired about her relationship on the island with Malcolm Freberg and whether it was romantic or a showmance. Angie inisisted that her and Malcolm were just friends and he saved her life on the island by keeping her warm during those cold and rainy nights in the Philippines.

Rob brought up Roxy Morris and some of the things that she said about Angie during last week’s episodes. Angie thought it was inappropriate for Roxy to be discussing Angie’s boobs because of her work in the seminary.

Of course, Rob had to ask Angie if there was any way that he could make the interview better and Angie naturally replied with “Cookies”. Rob asked Angie about her favorite type of cookie and she said her favorite is actually Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Angie says that she hates raisins and doesn’t want them in a cookie. Angie also said she wishes she could give a cookie to Mike Skupin every time he gets hurt.

Rob wanted to know how close Angie was with Denise Stapley and Angie said that they had a really great relationship. Angie also said she was aware that Malcolm and Denise had a tighter bond than she had with Malcolm. Also, Angie discussed how fond she was of Zane Knight and how she didn’t want him to go from the tribe.

Finally, Rob asked Angie if she is considering a run for Miss Survivor 2012 and Angie claimed that she already was Miss Survivor. Oh dear!

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