Yau-Man Chan Talks Penner & Losing Tribes on Survivor

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Yau-Man Chan is a two-time Survivor player from Survivor Fiji and Survivor Cook Islands with a lot to say about Survivor Philippines. Yau-Man played with Jonathan Penner in Survivor Fans vs. Favorites and Yau-Man was on a tribe that could rarely ever win immunity.

Rob starts off by asking Yau-man about the performance of the Matsing tribe, losers of four straight immunity challenges. Specifically, Rob asks Yau-Man about Russell Swan, whom both of them have met at Survivor charity events and functions. Yau-man was surprised to see Russell Swan this way on Survivor since he seems like such a calm and easy going man outside of Survivor. Rob asks Yau-man if he had any words of encouragement for Russell Swan as they welcomed him to the “unhappy returns” club on Survivor.

Rob and Yau-man started to talk about the Kalabaw tribe and the suddenly more solid alliance between Jonathan Penner and Jeff Kent. Yau-man is not a professional sports fan and doesn’t know a lot about Jeff Kent the baseball player. Rob asks Yau-man about the four finger handshake that Jeff Kent struck with Jonathan Penner last week on the show. Now on the Kalabaw tribe, a new rift seems to have opened up as it is now the men vs. the women.

Over at Mike Skupin’s Tandang tribe, Rob asks Yau-Man about the surprisingly agressive play of Pete Yurkowski. Rob wants to know if Yau-man likes the idea of creating chaos in a tribe of only six people. Rob feels like it wont take long for someone like RC Saint-Amour to rule out suspects like Artis, Mike Skupin and Lisa Whelchel, plus Abi-Maria Gomes does not seem capable of such a devious plan. She is much more likely to explode than lay a trap for someone she doesn’t like. Yau-man, however, was very taken with Abi-Maria and says that she is his favorite player in the game.

Rob asks Yau-man about his overall thoughts on Survivor Philippines. Rob is still very excited about this season but is frustrated with all the time we’ve spent at the Matsing tribe and have not gotten to see either of the other tribes ever go to tribal council once.

Later, Yau-man answered questions from a number of listeners of Rob Has a Podcast. Many questions centered around the finding and use of the hidden immunity idol by Yau-man on Survivor Fiji. Yau-man had to find the idol in his camp on Survivor Fiji, then showed it to Earl Cole to help build up their trust a la Jonathan Penner and Jeff Kent this season. Yau-man also revealed his thoughts why Jeff Probst and other people don’t love Survivor Fiji as a season, which is now available on DVD. Other topics that Yau-man answered questions about included whether Tyson Apostol could beat him in a ping pong match, what happened when Jonny Fairplay’s head hit the boat on fans vs. favorite and whether he would take the car back if Dreamz offered it to him today.

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