Survivor Know-It-Alls Reveal Who Won the Great Rice Trade

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As recapped by master RHAP Recapper, Amy (@RHAPrecapper)

It’s a late edition of the Survivor Know it Alls, and Rob starts out the show with an intro composed by Don Shook and asks the chat room if they want to “ding it or fling it.” Stephen is working late, so Rob is starting the show solo.

The two big things Rob wants to discuss tonight are the trade of Sandwiches vs. Rice, and whether Jeff Kent made the right call tonight in voting out Katie. Rob talks about the reward challenge with the giant boulder-like ball and how it was at a stalemate for over an hour. Then Penner proposed a deal to Skupin to let Kalabaw win in exchange for the rest of their rice. Rob never knew it was allowed to make a deal with the other tribe, and thinks the producers just went along with it because it seemed interesting.

Stephen finally shows up literally as a “man on the street” RHAPporter, from a street corner in New York City. Rob wonders if we will witness a live mugging on the show. Thankfully Alex Forstenhauser arrives to let Stephen use the internet in his apartment.

Stephen cuts out for a bit and Rob talks about how all the castaways were whining after the trade, yet Artis was the only one who spoke out against it at the challenge. He says there is a saying that if both parties feel like they were screwed, then it probably means it was a fair trade. Rob does an impression of Penner trying to sell to his tribe about full he is and how great the sandwiches were. But from experience Rob knows you’re less likely to feel hungry if you ration out smaller portions of food, rather than gorging at a reward challenge. Rob also raises a conspiracy theory about the letters from home– he wonders if the producers think Penner made a bad trade, so they wanted to sweeten the deal somehow.

Stephen shows up again, with Alex looking on. Rob wants to get his take on Penner and Skupin’s trade. Both think it was a bad trade, with Tandang coming out ahead. Rob thinks they just wanted the challenge to end, and Stephen thinks Penner just wanted to wheel and deal. Both are surprised that the producers didn’t force them to replay and finish the challenge. They think Jeff was excited by the novelty of the trade so he let it go.

They then discuss Tandang’s reaction after the challenge and how they are rationing out the rice. Rob and Stephen think that they should be eating all the rice because the merge is coming soon. They also wonder why Penner has taken on the role of provider and fisherman for the tribe, and why he didn’t pick up on Carter’s Freudian slip of asking “Should we vote out Katie or Penner?”

Next, they discuss whether it was the right decision for Jeff Kent to get rid of Katie. Stephen thinks it was wise for Jeff to keep Penner since he will be a bigger target at the merge, but that they maybe should have gotten rid of Denise over Katie. Rob says if he was Jeff Kent, he would want Penner with him the whole way. Rob really felt like Penner was going home during the Tribal Council and Jeff Probst was trying drop hints for him to use the idol. Stephen felt that Katie was such an obvious choice so he wasn’t doubting her leaving. Rob and Stephen are very impressed with Jeff Kent’s game play.

Rob and Stephen think Survivor may jump the shark with stunt casting if both Jeff Kent and Lisa Whelchel go deep in the game. Rob thinks Survivor will become like The Apprentice, eventually only having all-celebrity casts. Next, they discuss what may be happening next week if there is a merge. Both Stephen and Rob think a regular merge would be the best next step at this point.

They also talk about their feelings about Pete, Skupin’s lack of air time, and who might be the next to go. Adding to the excitement, more people arrive to Alex’s apartment and greet the web show audience.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday night for the Halloween edition of the Survivor Know It Alls. There will be a Survivor-themed costume contest, so plan to dress up and place a video call to try to win! Also, tune in to Rob’s upcoming podcasts with Amanda Kimmel and Katie, the latest player eliminated.

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