Kiss and Tell: Dawson & Dana Talk Kalabaw

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On this week’s episode of Survivor Philippines two of the women from Kalabaw tribe were eliminated from the game. First, Dana Lambert required medical attention because of a problem with her stomach. Though the doctors felt as though she could continue in the game, Dana asked to leave. Following a loss at the immunity challenge, Sarah Dawson became the first player to be voted out of the Kalabaw tribe by a 5-1 vote. Dana and Sarah joined Rob Cesternino to discuss their experiences in our latest Survivor Philippines exit interview.

Rob starts off with Dana and asks her how she is feeling. Dana says that she has made a full recovery but it did take some time for her to feel better. She said that she had an extreme case of dehydration, which is something that Russell Swan dealt with during Survivor Samoa. Dana says that she wishes she could’ve stayed in and played longer but she doesn’t regret the decision to put her health priorities first.

As for Dawson, Rob asks her about her knowledge that Jeff Kent was actually a famous baseball player. Rob wonders if Dawson shouldn’t have teased Jeff Kent about being a baseball player but Dawson says that conversation took place after the decision was already made to vote her out of the tribe. Rob asked if Dawson could have either blackmailed Jeff Kent to keep her or told Penner that information but Dawson says that she did try to leverage her knowledge but it didn’t end up helping her.

Dana and Dawson say that the women actually recruited Denise to be a part of their all female alliance, however, the sickness of Dana ended up thwarting those plans. Dana and Dawson also say that Jonathan Penner would’ve been the first person to go had they been to a tribal council early in the game. Dana gives Penner props for showing Jeff Kent the hidden immunity idol to win Kent over to his side.

As for Carter Williams, neither of the women have particularly positive opinions about him. Dana thinks that Carter was chauvinistic on the island towards the women at the challenges.

Finally, Rob asks Dawson about her decision to kiss Jeff Probst after being voted out. Dawson says that she was very happy with that decision even though Jeff Probst may have scared at the moment.

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