Katie Hanson from Survivor Philippines Exit Interview

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This week on Survivor after a controversial trade that resulted in the Kalabaw tribe sending all of their rice to Tandang in exchnage for sandwiches, the tribe ended up deciding to vote out the former Miss Delaware, Katie Hanson, from the tribe. Rob Cesternino spoke with Katie to discuss her time on Survivor Philippines.

Rob starts off by talking about the highly tense tribal council where somebody was going to be blindsided. Katie said she didn’t understand why the tribe would want to keep returning player Jonathan Penner, especially because he had the hidden immunity idol in his possession. Rob felt like it was a good move to keep Penner because he is somebody who is going to attract a lot of heat after the merge and could provide protection for Jeff Kent and for Carter Williams. Rob thinks the best move would have been for the tribe to get rid of Denise Stapley because she could very easily flip after the merge. However, Katie points out that Denise claimed that she was going to be able to get Malcolm Freberg to flip over to Kalabaw after the merge.

Rob asked Katie about her experience playing with former Major League second baseman, Jeff Kent. Katie said that she was very surprised to hear that Jeff Kent was an athlete because he didn’t look like somebody who was in such great shape though Katie said that his performance in the challenge was great. Rob asked is Carter Williams had always been this whiny throughout the game and she said that Carter had been the main target of the women’s alliance on Kalabaw. Katie even said that she wasn’t that hungry until Carter kept talking about how hungry he was getting. Katie said that she doesn’t respect the game that Carter is playing of just following Jeff Kent around throughout the game.

Finally, Rob wanted to know why Jeff Probst was on Katie’s case so much during the last few challenges. Katie discussed some of the reasons behind her struggles in last weeks challenge between the freezing rain and the oppressive heat, she had a hard time adjusting.

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