The Know-It-Alls React to Episode 5 of Survivor Philippines

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Rob and Stephen break down the “double D” elimination of Dana and Dawson. Rob starts out sharing a helpful Spreecast tip: It works better in Safari or Firefox, not Google Chrome.
Stephen thinks it was very smart of Malcolm to grab the basket and take possession of the immunity idol, rather than letting Denise find it. Rob and Stephen bid farewell to the Matsing tribe, and ponder whether it is in fact the worst tribe in Survivor history. Stephen then compares the options of getting either Malcolm or Denise as a new tribe member as either a “Greek God or a Garden Gnome,” but Rob takes issue with Stephen’s assessment of Denise. Stephen thinks Kalabaw and Tandang were previously evenly-matched tribes, but now there is a huge disparity. Rob suggests that a better option may have been to hold the immunity challenge without Malcolm and Denise, and let the winner choose the player they want.
Rob and Stephen enjoyed both of the challenges on tonight’s episode, and were impressed by Skupin’s “pizza-making move” of tossing his idol in the air. They also lament that Angie was not around to experience the reward of cookies.

They discuss Pete’s misstep in telling Malcolm he has the idol, while Malcolm wisely kept quiet. Pete seems to be playing an individual game before the merge, while Kalabaw is focused more on keeping the tribe strong. Stephen thinks it’s a common flaw for tribes to welcome a new tribemate rather than eliminating the “stranger danger” as an easy first vote. He also thinks it can be detrimental for a tribe to be so physically dominant, because they don’t have a chance to sort through their issues at tribal council.

Rob doesn’t normally like double evictions, but he did like it in tonight’s episode. He feels like they got rid of two players whose stories weren’t really developed, so things could get more interesting from here. Stephen thinks it’s an issue with editing– Dana could have been a good character, but we weren’t shown enough of her. Rob thinks Dawson may have had more of a spark that could have been shown more. Rob and Stephen also make the official ruling that Dana quit the game.

Next, they discuss Jeff Probst piling on Katie during his commentary in the challenge. Rob was a little surprised that Dawson was the one going home because of all the focus on Katie. He did enjoy Dawson’s passive aggressive comments about athletes to irk Jeff Kent. Stephen thinks it was a bad game move, and led to Jeff wanting her out. Rob wonders why she didn’t try to leverage the information about Jeff Kent to the rest of her tribe.

In signature Survivor Know-it-All fashion, Rob and Stephen then engage a spirited debate– The issue they tackle is whether Dawson should have threatened Jeff Kent with revealing that he’s a famous baseball player. Rob thinks she should have threatened to blow up his spot at tribal council, and Stephen is shocked that she never brought it up in her eleven days on the island.
Rob and Stephen then discuss Dana’s exit, which is unlike previous medical evacuations because she wasn’t ordered to leave. They wonder who the new doctor is, and if he is even a real doctor. Rob was amused by Penner’s methods of helping Dana, by telling her to get naked under a blanket and lay in his lap. Rob and Stephen wrap up their discussion by expressing hope that they will see more banter between Jeff Probst and Penner in upcoming episodes.

Rob announces he’ll be crossing another guest off the RHAP Bucket List this week- He’ll be speaking with the one and only Boston Rob. He’ll put up a thread on the Facebook Fan Page for your questions. Rob also mentions he’ll be appearing tonight on with Christina Cha.

At the end of the podcast, Survivor Shannon comes on to share his take on the season. Shannon is not a fan of Swan or Penner, but does like Skupin. He also is not a fan of the aesthetics of much of this year’s cast. Shannon also gives Stephen a hard time about his internet connection, while Stephen retaliates in the chat room.

Be sure to check out the Rob has a Boston Rob-cast on Friday and stay tuned for Rob has a Birthday Live Web Show on Saturday, 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. Rob has no idea what’s going to happen– the interninos are setting it up with surprise guests and other mayhem.

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