The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 4 of Survivor Philippines

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LIVE after Survivor on Wednesday, 10/10 – Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach reunite as Survivor Know-It-Alls to discuss the latest happenings in the world of Survivor Philippines. Rob and Stephen start off the show discussing the disaster that has been the Matsing tribe, losers of four consecutive immunity challenges. Rob wants to know if Russell Swan is potentially the worst returning player in the history of the show because while other returning players were targeted early on, that didn’t appear to be the case for Russell Swan. Plus, all Russell had to do was avoid coming in last in any of these challenges and his team just couldn’t do that.

Rob raves about the Survivor play of Denise Stapley but Stephen doesn’t see what all of the fuss is about. Stephen brings up that the way she approached Malcolm Freberg regarding the potential idol being held by Russell Swan was all wrong. Rob conceded the point to Stephen and added that it could have potentially swung Malcolms vote to Denise if he feared that Russell did indeed have the idol and was planning to vote for Malcolm. In Denise’s favor, Rob felt like Denise was a stone cold assassin when she used the story of how Russell Swan opened up to her as the in she needed to get him thinking he was safe enough to not play the hidden immunity idol.

Discussing the Tandang and Kalabaw tribe, Rob and Stephen wonder whether Pete Yurkoswki is being too sneaky for his own good. With RC and Abi-Maria Gomes already on the outs, was it necessary for him to further create havoc by hiding the immunity idol clue in RC’s purse? This could potentially serve to be something that makes Abi-Maria appear more unstable and perhaps protect RC Saint-Amour in the game.

Later in the show, Rob and Stephen attempt to bring in John Cochran, but apparently spreecast could not handle that much awesome at the same time. While Rob’s connection went out, Stephen Fishbach assumed control of the podcast and safely navigated through your questions. Finally Rob returned to successfully close out the show and relieve Stephen of hosting duties.

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