Amanda Kimmel on Survivor Philippines and Playing with Penner

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Amanda Kimmel has been a three time Survivor player and a finalist in both Survivor China and Survivor Fans vs. Favorites. Amanda joins Rob Cesternino to discuss her playing days and her thought on Survivor Philippines.

Rob starts off by asking Amanda about her tribemate from Season 16, Jonathan Penner. Amanda played the first 12 days of the game on the same tribe as Jonathan but says that they never became close on the show. Rob wants to know if there’s something about Jonathan’s personality that causes people to get annoyed at him. Amanda thinks that perhaps Jonathan speaks his mind too much and that’s not something that always works in your favor on Survivor.

Rob questions Amanda about her thoughts on the big trade at the reward challenge which sent all of the Kalabaw rice over to Tandang in exchange for some sandwiches. Amanda thinks this was a bad idea because as good as the food tastes at the time, it’s just something that makes you want more in a couple of hours. Plus, Amanda explains what a food baby is. Amanda believes that Tandang and Mike Skupin got the better end of the trade.

Rob and Amanda discuss what could be in store for the two tribe if next week was a potential merge. Rob wants to know if Kalabaw made the right move to get rid of Katie and Amanda did, but for different reasons than Rob thought. Amanda said it’s better to get rid of Katie because she was the weakest player in the challenge. Rob felt for Kalabaw, the right move would’ve been to target Denise since she has the highest chances to flip after the merge. Plus, Rob feels like Penner will take a lot of heat after the merge and could be a beatable opponent in the final two.

Later, Amanda answers your questions from our Facebook Fan Page. Amanda discusses a number of topics including:

– How come other pageant girls haven’t enjoyed the same success that Amanda has on the shwo?

– How come all of the Survivor returning players have been men except for Stephanie LaGrossa?

– If they did a season with two returning players who would be the best person for Amanda to go up against and why?

– Could Amanda have beaten Cirie Fields in the final two of Micronesia?

– Would Amanda play Survivor again for the fourth time?

Plus many other questions. Lastly, Nicole Cesternino joins us to talk about the episode and explain her 39-day Fitness Challenge.

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