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When it was first announced that former major league baseball player, Jeff Kent was going to be on the current season of Survivor… we knew that there would be nobody better suited to give us analysis that’s AJ Mass – author of the book “How Fantasy Sports Explains the World“. Rob talks with AJ and asks him about his performance so far through five episodes of Survivor Philippines. Rob is curious about the playing career of Jeff Kent and asks if AJ believes that Jeff Kent will someday be a major league Hall of Famer. AJ thinks that while Jeff Kent was a very good ballplayer, he was not ever dominant enough for a long period of time and compiled a lot of his stats over his career.

Rob and AJ then go through the remaining player in the Survivor Philippines game and attempt to match them up to the ideal 12 archetypes that AJ out lines in “How Fantasy Sports Explains the World“. Those twelves archetypes are:

– The Loose Cannon – The person whom is always due to explode over the most minor incident.
– The Diplomat – The person who can talk their way out of any trouble.
– Old Reliable – The person who you can always count on, ready to give maximum effort.
– The Ninja – The person that you don’t even know is there.
– Fresh Meat – The person who is in over their heads.
– The Idiot Savant – The person who seems to have success even though they shouldn’t
– The Mad Scientist – The person with all the crazy plans.
– The Cheerleader – The person who wants to all work together for the common good.
– The XX Factor – The person who just is not like all the others.
– Captain Loophole – The person who is trying to play all the angles.
– The Marriage of Convenience – The two people who are unlikely partners to work together.
– The Narcissist – The person who makes it all about themselves.

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