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February 2013

02/28/13 - Rob Cesternino talks with the most recent person voted off Survivor

02/27/13 - LIVE after the West coast airing of Survivor: Caramoan at 9:15 pm PT, Rob and Stephen Fishbach recap the latest episode of Survivor

We need to talk about the people we weren’t talking about, the castaways who weren’t getting confessionals, the players who are out there for just as many hours as the rest of ‘em, only they’re not getting camera time. In Book VII of The Republic, ancient Greek philosopher Plato imagines a conversation between his brother Glaucon and his teacher Socrates which outlines an analogy for human existence: Most of us are chained in a cave while shadows – cast by objects moving in front of the fire of “truth” – move on the blank wall in front of us. We can’t directly witness reality; all we can see are the flickering images of truth distorted by the process of projection. Only a philosopher, freed from her shackles, is able to perceive truth by looking right into the heart of the fire.

02/25/13 - Eric Curto is back again covering The Amazing Race this season. His short comedic recaps will catch you up on everything you missed, provide some insider info and feature bonus footage from the show all season long!

Amazing Race RHAP-porter Jessica Liese cautions future racers against bringing unexamined phobias with them on the Race RHAP.

02/25/13 - LIVE at 9:30 pm PT, Rob Cesternino reunites members of the ORIGINAL fans tribe, Joel Anderson and Kathy Sleckman, to hear what they think about the Caramoan Fans and Erik Reichenbach

Join Rob Cesternino LIVE at 9:30 pm PT with Ryan and Abbie from Amazing Race 21

This week we see that the social game on both tribes has not so much cracks but gaping fissures. What's wrong with Bikal besides Brandon, who's playing the best game on Gota, and when did we start failing the Bechdel Test? The lesson we should be taking away from this week's episode of Survivor is that the social game is harder than you think it is.

02/25/13 - Ian Terry previews the cast of the all-new Big Brother Canada

In his recap, Jeff told us the Favorites wanted to show the Fans who was boss. While the favorites felt right at home… <Phillip: “This is going to be a good game.”> …the fans struggled to adapt. They had no fire, couldn’t co-exist and alliances began to pull them apart. <After Reynold enumerated the members of his alliance, we heard Michael say to Matt: “You and I will decide which way we want to go.”> […] Read More

"As a fan of the game," Reynold Toepfer says in a confessional seconds before finding the hidden immunity idol, and I almost spit out my Lindemans Framboise (shut up it's delicious) when I hear this, I have to stop everything right there, because this is the same guy who just a few days earlier told Gordon Holmes, "I was recruited … just off the street. It was one of those LA stories," so that whole […] Read More

02/21/13 - Holly Hoffman is a former castmate of Survivor Caramoan's Brenda Lowe. Find out what Holly thinks about Brenda and the rest of the favorites on Rob has a Podcast.

Well, Loyal Blog Readers, we’ve made it through another action-packed episode of Survivor: Caramoan. Brandon freaked out! (For thirty seconds.) Dawn cried! (Alone in the jungle in the middle of the night where no one could see or hear her.) Brenda gave a confessional! Ahhhhh, just kidding, I was just seeing if you were paying attention. Because I like to leave plenty of material for my esteemed fellow bloggers, I’ve decided to focus tonight on […] Read More

02/21/13 - Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player voted off of Survivor Caramoan

02/20/13 - LIVE at 9:15 pm ET, Rob & Stephen break down episode 2 of Survivor Caramoan