Talking with the Latest Player Voted Off Survivor

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Hope Driskill was the latest player voted out of the Fans tribe on Survivor Caramoan this week. Hope calls in to talk to Rob Cesternino for her Rob has a Podcast exit interview, calling in from a modeling job in Italy.

Rob wants to know why the entire tribe was so eager to keep Shamar around for this long in the game. Rob said he understands what is in it for Sherri, but for Matt, Mike, Laura and Julia, he’s scratching his head why not keep Hope, Reynold and Eddie around. Hope says she doesn’t know either why the other players wouldn’t vote out Shamar.

Rob asked Hope why Laura told Reynold last night that she was “absolutely in” on the plan to vote out Shamar when she ultimately ended up going to vote off Hope. Hope tells us that the guys did a good job of making Laura paranoid and so she was worried, Hope believed that she was lying to Reynold at that point.

When Shamar told Hope to vote for Eddie to save herself, Rob asked Hope if she considered doing that at any point. Hope said that she thought Shamar was trying to mislead her and said that she couldn’t have trusted him. However, she said that scene was hard to watch and she realizes she could’ve saved herself by changing her vote. That being said, she probably wouldn’t have voted against her friend because that’s not her game.

Hope also said that she is not in a romantic relationship with Eddie and that they were just friends. Hope says that Eddie is just like a class clown kind of guy.

Join us later today when we will hear from the most recent winner of Survivor, Denise Stapley of Survivor Philippines on Rob has a Podcast.

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