Revealing the Winner of Miss Survivor 2013

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The time has come to reveal the results of the Miss Survivor 2013 pageant, and Rob and Nicole have a special surprise guest in studio– It’s none other than the reigning Miss Survivor, Parvati Shallow. They are excited to find out who will be crowned Miss Survivor- will it be RC Saint-Amour, Kim Spradlin, or Chelsea Meissner? Parvati says she would like to see Kim take the title because of how she played the game and how she kept her Miss Survivor campaign clean.
Rob wows Parvati with the upgraded Miss Survivor swag, including a Miss Survivor Sash, an 8×10 photo of the former Survivor named Sash, and a bedazzled pink Tundra Hat tiara, which Parvati models in style.

On hand to reveal the results is official vote counter Curt Clark. They exceeded the votes from last years Miss Survivor by about 50%– over 6600 votes were cast. Rob, Nicole, and Parvati have no idea who the winner is. They discuss the campaigns of the three candidates. They say Kim had the quietest campaign but possibly the most strategic– she was the only one to interact with voters on Chelsea, on the other hand, had an aggressive campaign filled with celebrity endorsements, including: NFL star running back CJ Spiller from the Buffalo Bills, PGA golfer Ricky Fowler, Bachelor stars such as Tenley Molzahn, and baseball player Michael Kohn. RC had the most grassroots campaign and was aided by Russell Hantz. She had Ian Stewart from the Chicago cubs and some Olympic athletes who supported her on Twitter.

It’s time to reveal the Second Runner-Up, but then RC crashes the party. It’s someone who got 20% of the vote. In a shocking twist, Kim Spradlin takes second runner-up. Rob says her under-the-radar campaign must have been too under the radar. Then Kim shows up as well and says “WTF?!” She was very happy to have Parvati’s support. She is unsure what went wrong but thinks she didn’t try hard enough, and didn’t have any big names supporting her– and now she’s rooting for Chelsea. Rob also says he has heard from a male Survivor who shall remain unnamed who was very upset to hear Kim was going off the market.

Rob shares some reactions from fans on Twitter about Kim’s third place finish. Parvati also talks about how she’s excited about the upcoming Survivor season and she will be hosting the Sprint Live Survivor after-show. She is especially interested in how her old friend, Erik Reichenbach will fare in the game. Rob asks Parvati if she thinks her Miss Survivor title led to her new position hosting the live after show. He also asks her which of the 10 returning players has the best chance to be a Parvati 2.0. She thinks Corinne has a strong shot, but she’s really pulling for Erik.

Now it’s time to get down to business and reveal the winner. Rob also mentions that Chelsea let him know that she is also watching the show live, but is having internet issues and is unable to connect. So both RC and Chelsea are tuning in waiting to hear the results along with Rob, Nicole, and Parv. Rob reads a tweet from Troyzan saying he’s more than prepared to photograph whoever wins.

Curt says the breakdown of votes– the 2nd place person got 33% and the winner got 47% of the votes, compared to Kim’s 20%. The winner, with nearly half the votes, is RC Saint-Amour. Unfortunately she was bumped from the Google hangout due to technical issues, but that doesn’t stop Rob, Nicole, and Parvati from serenading her.

Fortunately RC is soon able to connect back on and she’s very excited and has a list of people to think. She thanks Tim Lamaster, her campaign manager, for doing a very effective job. She also thanks Russell Hantz, who is 2 for 2 on supporting the winners. She also thanks other members of her campaign team Tom and Rene Herrera, as well as all the domestic and international delegates who supported her. Rob says he thinks RC wanted it the most, and she got it. She says Chelsea was stiff competition. Curt says it was pretty neck and neck between Chelsea and RC in the voting until the last evening when Kim pulled ahead. Curt also reveals how the ladies finished in the first round– Kim was first, RC was second, and Chelsea was third.

Rob shares some reactions from fans, including one who wants to make a bikini round mandatory for future Miss Survivor competitions. Another thinks that RC’s 47% of the vote came from all the members for the Hantz family. At the close of the show Rob also announces the close of the Survivor off-season, as Survivor premieres tomorrow, but Nicole takes issue with his argument of there being an “off-season” for Rob Has a Podcast. Parvati also gets pretty emotional about having to give up the crown– she has really enjoyed the experience.

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