Survivor Know-It-Alls on the Trouble Ahead for the Fans

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Stephen starts off this episode of Survivor Know-it-Alls with enthusiasm, saying Episode 3 was another great episode– no duds yet! Rob is surprised that he is more interested in the dynamics of the Fans tribe. Rob and Stephen discuss how Sherri Biethman is doing. Stephen awarded her his “Fishy” award last week in his blog on, but now he is ambivalent toward her strategy. Rob doesn’t think she can sustain on carrying Shamar Thomas along this whole time, and should move toward tribal unity. Stephen thinks she probably didn’t anticipate that he would be so explosive. He calls Shamar possibly the most hot-headed castaway who has been on the show. While Sherri likes to call Shamar her “Phillip,” Phillip was never this antagonistic on Redemption Island. Rob thinks she should sacrifice Shamar and instead try to work with Reynold or Eddie.

Next, Rob moves to the board to analyze how the Fans tribe’s votes were split, ending up in a 3-way tie and a revote. Rob is anticipating a tribe swap coming soon, but Stephen reminds that you never know what production is going to do. You should prepare for a swap, but it’s not guaranteed.

Rob and Stephen don’t think that the majority alliance can afford to get rid of one of the strong guys in Reynold Toepfer or Eddie Fox. Rob remarks on how both Stephen and Jeff Probst seem very fond of Eddie. Rob also wants to talk about what Laura Alexander and Julia Landauer were up to. He thought they were going to move out on their own and join the “cool kids alliance.” Stephen thinks Laura was creating a diversion by creating a fake plan with Reynold. It kept them from writing her name down and helped prevent Hope from switching her vote to Eddie. Rob thinks it’s an interesting theory, but wonders if Julia or others just said “no” to the plan to vote out Shamar.

Rob and Stephen think Reynold will definitely flip if there’s a swap. Stephen cites examples of tribes such as Timbira, Galu, and Tandang, where fractured tribes couldn’t work together as a cohesive unit. Rob thinks for Sherri’s long-term game, she needs to get rid of Shamar, because Eddie and Reynold will never be on board with her as long as he is still in the game.

Next, Rob and Stephen talk about how Andrea Boehlke started targeting a member of her own alliance: Corinne Kaplan. Rob feels like Corinne is screwed. He thinks Andrea is doing what Boston Rob was doing to her and Matt Elrod in Redemption Island. Rob thinks this is a questionable move for Andrea on Day 7, switching the loyal Corinne with the erratic Brandon. Stephen thinks it’s okay for Andrea to plant some doubts and “scapegoat” Corinne, but shouldn’t have taken it to the level of taking action and getting Brandon involved. He thinks Andrea and Phillip are too tempted to make big moves because of their past season. Rob wonders if maybe Andrea wants to be closer to Malcolm Freberg and sees Corinne as some cuddling competition.

Taking some questions from viewers, Rob and Stephen discuss whether it’s ever wise to tell Brandon Hantz the plan. They also wonder what Cochran was thinking during Andrea’s conversation with Brandon. The also discuss Brenda Lowe’s invisible edit. Rob and Stephen disagree about Reynold Toepfer being a good player. Rob thinks he’s a decent player, but Stephen disagrees. Stephen also brings up that it’s a shame for the 2014 Miss Survivor competition that Hope Driskill was voted out so early in the game.
Rob and Stephen also talk about some interesting comments made on the episode, such as Cochran’s promo for Survivor within the episode, Cochran not being familiar with international hat-wear, and Phillip saying he plays basketball against men “twice as tall” as him.

Rob announces that he will be talking to the winner of Survivor: Phillipines, Denise Stapley on the podcast this week. She knows firsthand what it’s like to share an idol with Malcolm. Rob also makes the official announcement of another player of Reality Game Masters: Matt Hoffman, from Big Brother, will be participating in the show along with Stephen Fishbach. Four more players will be announced soon, and you can learn more about the project and donate to the kickstarter campaign at

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