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November 2012

11/29/12 - Jonathan Penner discusses his game in Survivor Philippines and why he didn't want to take that deal with Lisa Whelchel.

11/29/12 - What does Richard Hatch think of the gameplay on Survivor Philippines? The original Survivor winner breaks down the game.

12/01/12 - One year ago this weekend, Rob spoke with Jonathan Penner during Survivor South Pacific. Hear what he had to see in this special FLASHBACK episode.

LIVE on Wed, 11/28 at 9:15 pm ET, The Survivor Know-It-Alls, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach break down episode 11 of Survivor Philippines.

11/28/12 - Come up with the best or funniest caption for this photo of Richard Hatch and win a Tundra Hat, courtesy of Tundra Gear.

This IS Survivor Jeopardy!

11/27/12 - LIVE at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT, Rob Cesternino hosts the first ever Survivor Jeopardy game between Colton Cumbie, Sarah Dawson and Spencer Duhm

11/27/12 - Catch up on this week’s Amazing Race with a comedic video recap from Eric Curto. He’s brining you everything you missed, plus some insider info and secret scenes!

11/27/12 - Gordon Holmes met with the cast of Survivor Philippines before the start of the game. How were his perceptions different than how this season has turned out?

11/26/12 - Amazing Race blogger Jessica Liese ineffectually flails as two teams completely lose any sense that they should be racing on a show called The Amazing Race.

11/26/12 - Rob Cesternino talks with the latest person voted out of the tribe on Survivor Philippines.

11/26/12 – In the latest Baker’s Dozen, Guest Blogger Andy Baker takes a look at the conflicts that will define the endgame of Survivor Philippines.

11/25/12 - One of the most popular guests in the history of RHAP, Tyson Apostol returns once again this season to talk about Survivor Philippines and much, much more.

11/25/12 - A predictable vote gives Guest Blogger Sarah Freeman time to look back at the Tandang tribe and analyze how they viewed each other. Who made the mistakes that led to the tribe's downfall and just what is up with Abi-Maria's social game?

11/26/12 - After a night where the U-Turn determined who got eliminated, Rob talks with Amazing Race blogger Jessica Liese about the strategy of the U-Turn blockade.

11/22/12 - On a Thanksgiving episode of RHAP, Troyzan Robertson joins Rob to discuss the behavior of Abi-Maria Gomes and the decision not to flip by Mike Skupin on Survivor Philippines