Survivor Know-It-Alls Debate if Mike Skupin Made the Right Move

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Rob started the show with one of his topical quotes, “… and I am normal” in reference to Penner’s conversation with the children in the local village.

Stephen felt the episode was a dud. He did not enjoy Lisa’s angst over switching, with Penner being a masterful manipulator and Abi treating her like garbage, to have Lisa finish the show without making a significant game move. Rob enjoyed the episode but felt the editing should have focused more on Skupin since he won the immunity idol and was the swing vote in the end. Stephen simple feels Lisa and Skupin have no chance of making it to the final 3 if they remain with Tandang.

Rob feels Skupin’s move was similar to Cochran’s during Survivor: South Pacific but Stephen feels there is a difference. The group Cochran flipped to in South Pacific were strong from the beginning of the game while Skupin has switched to a group that is made up of members from two tribes.

Rob used his whiteboard to explain how things should play out. While it was difficult to follow with the board so far from the webcam, Stephen stated he could not argue with Rob’s plan but feels it is too difficult to see that many plays ahead.

Rob wants to know if Lisa is a master strategist or incapable of changing sides. Stephen believes Lisa is and knew Skupin was going to flip. That she knew her vote was save with enough people already voting Arits out, allowing her to please the audience by staying loyal. (Stephen goes on to contradict himself on the topic of Lisa later in the ‘cast) Rob thinks we are are giving too much credit to Lisa to think that she voted for Penner knowing that Skupin has switched in order to leave the tribe with grace.

Rob applauded Penner’s storytelling abilities, including his story on why he voted for Abi. Stephen believes Penner is a great talker but maybe not a great game player. And, this is a game that requires listening skills over talking. Stephen wants to know where the rest of the tribe was while we were listening to Penner’s stories to Lisa. Rob also wondered why this week’s story focused on Penner convincing Lisa to flip, yet somehow Skupin was the only one convinced to switch. Stephen believes that Skupin has an alliance with Penner. That Penner has built a level of trust with Skupin but the evil three have not.

Stephen was surprised Malcolm didn’t give Penner the immunity idol. Rob feels that Malcolm and Penner really haven’t been playing together that long so handing over the idol to Penner would be difficult. His other theory is that they knew Skupin was voting the way they wanted.

Rob feels Abi had a big night, and not for the right reasons. Abi has been making herself into a villain. Stephen thinks she is not a villain. She is just rude. Stephen believes Jeff Kent was a better example of a villain. Rob disagrees that Jeff Kent was a villain because he was too well liked by most players. Stephen would like to see more of Pete, that he is a good villain. Rob thinks Stephen shouldn’t get his hopes up because Pete is the next to go.

Rob felt the writing was on the wall (or in the editing) for Artis when he explained in his confessional that the vote would be simple tonight. Stephen added Artis’ comment at tribal council about blind sides as more foreshadowing of his demise.

Ian Terry, honorary Know It All, joined the conversation. Ian feels Skupin’s move was a good one tonight because of Abi’s idol. That it will be easier to flush out the idol. Stephen elaborate on this, explaining that if they can get Lisa to switch as well, they would be able to split the vote between Pete and Abi. Ian believes, to get Abi out, they will need to sell Pete as the target then blindside Abi. Rob agrees with Stephen, where there needs to be a 3-3 split of the votes between Abi and Pete to flush out the idol.

Ian liked Penner’s game play and compared it to Dan’s BB14 season. He also feels Penner makes more genuine speeches while Dan sounds like a used car salesman. Stephen feels, however, that Dan was more effective since Penner was not successful with his speeches tonight.

On the topic of winners and losers, both Rob and Stephen feel Lisa was a net winner tonight, even though Rob feels she voted the wrong way. Stephen feels Penner is still the most in trouble as he is the default target.

Stephen’s final four are Pete, Carter, Malcolm, and Denise. Rob is disgusted with Stephen’s choices because they do not align with Penner’s storyline (Rob, once again showing his bromance for Penner). While both the Know It All’s laugh it off, Stephen throws in that Pete is a better player than Penner.

Stephen feels Lisa isn’t going anywhere because she is a mess and cannot make a move so the rest of the players will not think she is a threat. While Rob likes Lisa’s feistiness in the challenges, he thinks she will be in trouble because everyone will worry the jury will vote for her to win in the end because she is so likeable. Conversely, he doesn’t think Abi will ever be considered a threat because the jury will all hate her and not vote her way.

Survivor Shannon joined the ‘cast and the debate on which survivor is blocked by Probst began. Shannon and Stephen both felt Artis really wasn’t doing much on the show and deserved to go home. Shannon then went on a rant, aggravated that Ian Terry got viewer questions while Shannon never does. Shannon then trashed Ian’s Big Brother play, cursed, criticized Rob’s freezing feed, and ripped Stephen’s sweater. Rob then hurried Shannon off.

Some side notes during the webcast included:
• Stephen was surprised that Probst was surprised that Denise is so liked. Rob added that Denise also did a great job at the local village.
• It was agreed that Robert and Stephen are both normal names but not as normal as Jonathan.
• It was noted that for the first time in a long time Rob’s winning pick has outlasted Nicole’s pick.
• Probst had the mother load of ball references tonight (on the heals of Rob’s podcast with Probst that included this topic).
• Stephen made up Greek god references to compare with Carter.
• Stephen feels three tribes have been gold. Rob feels it is now a game of pairs.
• When asked if Penner, Skupin and Lisa are a secret alliance running the game. Rob summarily dismissed this theory. Lisa voting to
• Ian felt RC nodded in a very sexy way while Jeff Kent did not nod well at all.
• Abi will play the idol at the wrong time.

Rob reminds everyone that he will be talking with cast-off Artis, as well as Marty of Survivor Nicaragua, in two separate podcasts tomorrow. He also reminds everyone to vote RHAP for best entertainment podcast at Thursday is the last day to vote.

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