Marty Piombo Breaks Down Survivor Philippines

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In Survivor Nicaragua, Marty Piombo made a strong impression in the minds of Survivor fans. Now Marty is back on Rob Has a Podcast to discuss the latest happenings from Survivor: Philippines.

Rob starts off by asking Marty about his feelings on the new season. Marty is really loving this season and all of the twists and turns the game has bene taking. Rob asks Marty is Mike Skupin made the right move by voting against Tandang at tribal council this week. Marty felt like it was a good move because its necessary to take risks to win Survivor. Rob still didn’t love the move because Rob felt like final7 would be a better time to jump than 5.

Rob and Marty also talk extensively about the game that Jonathan Penner is playing right now. Marty was really impressed by the scene where Penner took Lisa aside and tried to get her to flip sides on himself in the game. Marty compared Jonathan to Hannibal Lecter in that scene. Rob agreed that Penner has been dynamite in these social interactions so far this season.

Rob wants to know if Marty sees and similarities in Abi-Maria Gomes and Naonka Mixon. Marty says that it’s always important not to be telling people off when you are on Survivor. Rob asked Marty for his thoughts on the reward challenge and Marty agreed that it was great fun to watch how the Survivor interacted with the villagers.

Finally, Marty took a number of questions that came in on our Facebook fan page including a number of different ways that this season is reminding people of Survivor Nicaragua. Plus, Rob and Marty try to perform an autopsy as to why people are always hating on Survivor Nicaragua. Finally, don’t miss Marty’s annual “dumber than a bag of hammers” pick.

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