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Rob Cesternino kicks off the latest episode of a live edition of Rob Has a Podcast with a bunch of news and announcements. Rob reminds people to go out and vote today… for the Podcast Awards. You can still vote once a day for the Podcast Awards at and Rob reveals that he will not resort to mudslinging or running a dirty campaign.

Rob also has announced that coming later this month will be the first installment of Survivor Jeopardy – aka RHAPordy. Also, Rob revealed that he has started to work on recording commentary for Survivor: The Amazon with Jenna Morasca. That commentary will be available for pre-orders later in November as well.

The Amazing Race recap starts with if the “Twinnies” (Natalie& Nadiya) made a good decision taking the money from James and Abba and Rob concluded that all is fair in the world of the race. Rob discussed the strange ice cream speed bump as well as if the roadblock was too easy. He takes a video call from Shawn James to figure out which one of the Jaymes & James (Chippendales) is the James that sucks. Matt Curran also calls in to figure out when the twins will make their first Rhappearance.

The survivor discussion begins with Aaron Robertson as he discusses with Rob how Malcolm Freburg and Denise Stapley can get to the final 2 and if they will cut Lisa Whelchel lose or honor their deal with her. Find out if Lisa Whelchel is another Dawn Meehan. Tyler Sloan comes dressed as Colby Donaldson to end the show as he talks what will Jonathan Penner do next. Rob and Tyler discuss the possibilities of a Jeff Kent blindside and other possibilities.

Be sure to join Rob live on Wednesday night with Stephen Fishbach to recap Survivor at 9:15 pm for Survivor Know-it-alls

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