Jeff Kent After Being Voted Out of Survivor Philippines

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After an episode that was one of the most memorable and unpredictable in the history of the show, Jeff Kent was voted out of the tribe. After 17 seasons in the major leagues, the former All-Star second baseman joined the cast of Survivor Philippines. Rob speaks with Jeff Kent about his Survivor journey through last night.

Rob starts off by teasing Jeff Kent about which was the more disappointing vote, this weeks tribal council or the re-election of Barack Obama. Rob wants to know if Jonathan Penner voting for Abi-Maria was part of the plan that they came up with. Jeff says that he had no idea that Penner was going to vote for somebody other than Pete Yurkowski. Rob asks Jeff if he is bitter with Jonathan for voting a different way, but Jeff was nothing but complimentary about Penner as both a person and a player. Jeff responded to some of his criticism from last week stating that he could not have voted to stay with Penner because Denise would not vote with Kalabaw – so Jeff didn’t have the votes to pull off the vote against Tandang.

Rob asks Jeff about Lisa Whelchel and specifically about the five person alliance she described in the show between herself, Jeff, Carter Williams, Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley. Jeff felt like Lisa was not even playing the game when they first got out there. Jeff felt like she was just floating along strategically. Jeff said that he never recognized Lisa from “The Facts of Life” but then said that he was kicking himself afterwards because he definitely was a fan o that show.

Rob wants to know about Jeff Kent’s obsession with not letting the returning players get further than him in the game. Jeff says that perception of him was greater than his actual desire. Jeff said that he liked having them as threats in the game to keep the attention from being too solely focused on him. Rob wants to know why the conversation before the merge was only between Katie Hanson and Penner and not a vote to get Denise out of the game. Jeff felt like Denise would be able to bring Malcolm over.

Rob asks Jeff how he got on to Survivor and Jeff says that he was always a fan of the show. He went through casting like everybody else did on this season. Jeff also said that his knee is feeling better now that time has passed. Finally, Rob asked Jeff Kent if he is interested in one day returning to Survivor as an all-star and Jeff Kent left the possibility open.

Tune in later today when Rob speaks with Jeff Varner from Survivor: The Australian Outback about his former Kucha tribe member Mike Skupin and how he has played this season.

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