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Dude, Where’s My Passport: Recapping the Amazing Race

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On a LIVE edition of Rob Has a Webshow, Rob opens things up by discussing the ongoing vote for the Podcast Awards at followed by mentioning the voting for the Survivor Hall of Fame. Rob thinks Russell Hantz did a better job this year with his ballot than last year when he voted for Stephanie Valencia to be in the Survivor hall of Fame.

Turning attention towards The Amazing Race, Rob brings up the two big storylines from this weeks show. First, Rob discusses the situation with James and Abba who left their backpacks in a taxi that drove away in Russia. Rob is curious about how much production is excited that there is drama vs. how much production is trying to fix the situation behind the scenes. The other big storyline from this week’s show was the decision by Abby and Ryan to run the race with the other last place team, The Goat Farmers aka Josh and Brent.

Rob welcomes Amazing Race RHAPorter, Jessica Liese to talk about the most recent episode. Jessica agrees with Rob that its a bad strategy for the bottom two teams to try and work together in the race. As for losing the passport, Jessica cites what went on with Justin and Zev in their original season on the race.

After the Amazing Race talk is over, Rob drops the big announcement that there will be a podcast coming later tonight with Jeff Probst. Rob teases that he had a great chat with Jeff and asked lots of questions about the current season of Survivor.

As for Survivor Rob discussed what might really be going on with Tyler Sloan and Aaron Robertson. Rob asked Tyler what is really going on with Mike Skupin. Tyler agreed with Jeff Varner’s interpretation of events that there is more than meets the eye with the relationship on Lisa Whelchel and Mike Skupin. Rob talked with Aaron about what Jonathan Penner could be thinking with his vote for Abi-Maria this week.

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