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Rob Cesternino starts the weekly Amazing Race re-cap by going into the odd circumstances surrounding the elimination of James LoMenzo and Mark “Abba” Abbattista. He thinks the Phil changing his mind and checking them in after they’d lost their passports was a very unusual circumstance. Rob thinks the duo wasn’t the strongest team on an entertainment level much to the disagreement of some fans in the chatroom.

Rob thinks the people the show got for the challenges this week including the Russian professor were better characters than some of the main racers this season. Rob was especially amused by the instant catchphrase “…pencils down!” Rob has sympathy for the people competing in the timezone challenge comparing the test to his struggles scheduling interviews with podcast guests. Rob thought Natalie ripping her pants was a really funny moment, especially with the accompanying cartoon sound effect. Rob thinks the Speed Bump challenges this season have been unimpressive. Finally, Rob declares Natalie Nadyia Anderson and his pick for the winning team.

The discussion then turns to previewing the next episode of Survivor: Phillipines. Rob Cesternino and Tyler Sloan dig up a secret scene by the enigmatic Carter Wilson that reveals a surprising amount of insight behind his dim-witted exterior. Tyler is already looking forward to the Ponderosa videos from Jonathan Penner and Abi Maria Gomes. Tyler says he thinks Lisa Welchell should be the next target due to her status as a swing vote and Rob points to eliminating Christie in Survivor: Amazon was one of his personal favorite moves. Rob is confused as to why people think Jonathan Penner is a threat when the new players have been so anti-Returning Player in the first place.

Rob wraps up the show with some RHAPid-fire questions. Rob’s looking forward to the promised live tweetig from the Govenroar himself, Rupert Boneham. Rob reveals the guest for Friday’s show is the polarizing Troyzan Robertson.

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