The Know-It-Alls Recap the Wildest Survivor Philippines Episode Yet

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As recapped by Taylor Cotter:

Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach jump right into the show to recap a wild episode of Survivor: Philippines. Rob says he hasn’t been this excited about a season since Survivor: The Amazon. They agree that Episode 8 of Survivor: Philippines is one of the greatest episodes in quite some time.

Stephen says that Jeff Kent redeemed himself by realigning himself within the tribe after the last vote. Rob says that you would have thought Survivor is scripted because of Jonathan Penner’s perfect storyline this episode. Stephen agrees that you couldn’t have written better television than Survivor tonight.

Rob and Stephen jump ahead to Tribal Council where Jonathan Penner locks down his alliance with Kalabaw, Malcolm Freberg and Michael Skupin, though Penner and Skupin ultimately deviated from this plan. The Know-it-Alls recap that Penner voted for Abi-Maria Gomes, Skupin voted for Jeff Kent, leaving the rest of the alliance to vote for Pete Yurkowski. Stephen thinks that Penner’s vote for Abi-Maria was either a weak non-vote or a mistake. Rob speculates that Skupin and Penner are working together, or Penner voted for Abi in case Pete played her idol.

Stephen tries to figure out whether Pete is smart or an idiot. He is also unsure whether anyone actually made a good move tonight despite all the strategizing. Rob mentions Lisa Whelchel, who has come out of her shell as a strategist, as well as her tendency to be incredibly honest.

Rob brings up Jeff Probst’s final comments where he mentions that the tribe “blew a golden opportunity.” Rob admonishes Probst for being so condescending to the castaways after a blindside when he should be congratulating them.

Stephen and Rob discussed whether Malcolm and Denise were on the right side of the numbers. They try to figure out who is in power now: is it the Axis of Evil (Abi-Maria, Pete and Artis Silvester), or Lisa and Skupin? Stephen reminds that the Axis of Evil has three people and therefore has no need to take anyone else to the end.

Rob and Stephen discuss if Jonathan Penner is actually a threat in the game. They reference their own flip-flopping and note that this strategy could serve Penner well.

Big Brother 14 Winner, Ian Terry, an honorary Survivor Know-it-All, joins the chat. Ian says that Lisa Whelchel is playing his game from this summer in the Big Brother house. Stephen disagrees with Lisa’s strategy, but Ian reminds Stephen that jury votes need to be thought about at every Tribal Council.

Rob, Stephen and Ian discuss Penner’s hinky vote further. Stephen remains in the camp that it was a mistake, Ian believes it was protection from Pete playing an Idol, and Rob believes it was a throwaway non-vote to ensure his nemesis, Jeff Kent, goes home. Rob compares this to Eric Stein’s vote for Nick Starcevic in Big Brother 8.

Ian thinks Lisa looks the most like the potential winner of Survivor: Philippines. Stephen’s pick is Denise, and Rob believes that Artis is in a good spot.

The Know-It-Alls discuss why Abi didn’t give Pete her immunity idol. They agree that the Tandang tribe was confident that they were five solid to send Jeff Kent home. They also discuss Abi’s loose-cannon attitude of telling everyone about her alliances and alienating Malcom, Skupin and others.

Before signing off, Ian updates the listeners that he has been texting his Survivor crush, RC Saint-Amour this past week.

Stephen and Rob go on to discuss Pete and Malcolm’s conversation about the hidden immunity idol, and how Pete believed that Malcolm did not have the idol even with Malcolm’s many tells. They question why Lisa didn’t push back when Pete told her Malcolm didn’t have the hidden immunity idol.

Rob and Stephen take some viewer questions. They determine that the winners of tonight’s episode include Skupin, Penner, and Abi-Maria, and the losers include Carter Williams. They also explore Malcolm and Denise’s options for a move next week. Rob thinks that an alliance will send home a member of the Axis of Evil, while Stephen thinks Carter will leave next week.

At the end of the show, Survivor Shannon Elkins joins the Know-it-Alls, but hadn’t yet watched the episode. He takes jabs at Stephen’s internet, sweater, and more.

Rob explains that he believes he will be interviewing Jeff Kent tomorrow morning, and will also be interviewing Survivor: The Australian Outback’s Jeff Varner later in the day. He also teases the upcoming Survivor RHAPardy Jeopardy game coming soon.

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