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12/31/12 - 2012 is almost in the books but before we get to 2013, lets take one look back at the best moments of the year on RHAP.

12/23/12 – Guest Blogger Andy Baker offers up his final thoughts on Survivor: Philippines in the last Baker’s Dozen of the year.

12/23/12 - Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry on a special Holiday podcast to talk about Home Alone

Survivor Blogger Sarah Freeman looks back at Denise’s path to victory and analyzes how the jury reached their verdict.

12/18/12 - Our first ever Holiday Special is filled with surprise guests to help celebrate the Holiday Season

12/17/12 - After Denise Stapley was crowned as the winner of Survivor Philippines, Rob Cesternino talks with the final four.

12/16/12 - LIVE at 11:30 pm ET, Stephen Fishbach will recap the Survivor Philippines finale LIVE with Rob Cesternino who will be at the Finale.

12/16/12 - Matt Hoffman joins Rob Cesternino to give his first person account of the Brenchel wedding after the airing of "My Fair Wedding"

12/14/12 – With the finale looming large on the horizon, Guest Blogger Andy Baker shares what’s on his mind heading into Sunday!

With the finale fast approaching, Guest Blogger Sarah Freeman makes her last prognosis for the Final Four.

12/14/12 - Parvati Shallow, the winner of Survivor Fans vs Favorites, joins Rob to discuss Survivor Philippines heading into finale weekend.

12/13/12 - Talking with Abi-Maria Gomes after she got voted out on Survivor: Phillipines

12/12/12 - Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach break down tonight's Survivor episode LIVE at 9:15 pm ET

Submit the funniest caption of this photo of Bob Crowley and you will win your own Tundra Hat!

12/11/12 - How does a back-of-the-pack team like the Beekmans swoop in and take home the million? Amazing Race blogger Jessica Liese tries to make sense of it all.