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Winner of Survivor: South Pacific (Season 23): Sophie Clarke

Sophie Clarke was named the winner of Survivor: South Pacific (Season 23) during the finale on December 18, 2011. She defeated runners-up Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Albert Destrade by a vote of 6-3-0. At the time of her win, Sophie was a 21-year-old medical student from Willsboro, New York. Sophie is known for her under-the radar game and challenge prowess. She was able to form a tight alliance on night 1 and managed to sway Coach into turning on Brandon Hantz in a well-crafted argument. All of this, plus her winning of the final individual immunity challenge against Ozzy Lusth, led to her ultimate victory. Sophie is also one of three winners, along with Jenna Morasca and Chris Daugherty, to receive a vote at their first Tribal Council.

Sophie Clarke was the winner of Survivor: South Pacific (Season 23).

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