Survivor 2015: Sophie Clarke Recaps Worlds Apart Episode 8

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Rob Cesternino recaps this week’s big episode with the winner of Survivor: South Pacific Sophie Clark.  Then for the voicemails Rob talks to regular RHAP contributor and co-host of the Survivor Historian’s podcast Mike Bloom.

Sophie Clark Talks Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 8

Rob and Sophie begin the episode both excited about this week’s Survivor episode.  Sophie says she is loving this season, partly because everyone is playing hard and she believes everyone can win, even Dan.  Sophie thinks that anyone can win because it is a season of fans who can articulate their games.

Sophie made a chart to organize the alliances in the game and based on the chart believes that Rodney’s four person alliance is in a great position.  Rob agrees and both Sophie and Rob come to the conclusion that Mike’s best chance is to team-up with Joe.  Rob then pulls up a secret scene which reveals that the idol that Mike found on this week’s episode was the old blue collar idol, not the new idol Joe has a clue for.

Sophie loved how Mike lied about Joe having the idol and says that a key to Survivor and something Mike does well is active lying.  Active lying is lying without being asked questions, actively pursuing it.  Rob and Sophie discuss this and discuss the fine line of successful active lying in Survivor.  Sophie does not believe Tyler is a very good active liar and he is not playing a winning game.

In the Tyler and Carolyn alliance Sophie believes Carolyn has the upper-hand in the final three and Rob thinks Tyler would win.  Sophie thinks that this season’s jury will not vote for Tyler because of the rhetoric about “a blue collar will win this game” and that this season’s jury values passion which Tyler does not have.

The focus then shifts to Shirin, Sophie likes Shirin and thinks she still has a decent chance to win.  Rob thinks Shirin’s big advantage is her Sandra-esque ability to blend into the background in the post-merge until she makes her move.

Joe on the other hand cannot seem to blend into the background at all and Rob asks Sophie whether Joe’s reward challenge win is an example of why you should always throw reward challenges.  Sophie says no because it is difficult to giveaway a reward out on the island and it is better to have choice in your own game than have no choice.

Sophie and Rob then discuss Rodney and Rob admits that maybe Rodney is better at the game than he initially thought.  Both Rob and Rodney think, surprisingly, that if Rodney gets to the end he could win.  Sophie compares Rodney to Brandon Hantz on her season, a jerk who is somehow endearing and could still win.

Sophie then takes questions from the RHAP community.  Highlights include why they voted for Hali this week instead of Jenn, Sophie’s thoughts on Merica, who is better at challenges: Joe or Ozzy, Coach’s most outlandish story and which male player is the biggest goat this season.

Special Thanks to Nathaniel Levy for this week’s recap

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