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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap the Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Finale Recap

LIVE after the Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Finale, with Rob at the finale interviewing the final five, Stephen Fishbach & Survivor South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke recap the episode and answer your questions!

A Night of Chocolate Cake and an Almost-Dead Laptop

While Sophie ate chocolate cake and Stephen’s laptop almost died, Stephen and Sophie were both very excited about the contentious three hours of television they just witnessed. While Rob was at the live finale in Los Angeles interviewing the final 5, Stephen was joined by the winner of Survivor: South Pacific Sophie Clarke. Sophie said that Ben went from being an underdog to an overdog, which led her to root for Devon and Chrissy, but was ultimately happy that Ben won. Stephen pointed out how, throughout the season, the only person we saw many personal stories from was Ben. Additionally, Stephen commended Ben for being the only player ever to play three idols in a season correctly. On the other hand, Sophie gave more credit to Devon for his vote for Dr. Mike at the final 5, and both agreed that he was the best player of the season. Stephen loved how Ben would always look for idols right after Tribal Council. While Sophie compared Ben to a blend of Tony Vlachos and Jeremy Collins, Stephen made the comparison to Mike Holloway. Sophie also loved the fire-making challenge but wishes the players could have planned it. Stephen also said that while it was emotional that Ben won, it is just as emotional when they come up just short.

Ryan Became the New Stephen of Final Tribal Council

Stephen and Sophie were in simpatico in their love of the new Final Tribal Council format. Sophie said that Ben came off as very humble, while Ryan and Chrissy were similar to rats attacking each other. Stephen felt that Chrissy was very good attacking defensive, where Sophie felt that she acted like she wanted affirmation from the jury. Sophie and Stephen agreed that Ryan had a very poor Final Tribal Council performance and Stephen compared Ryan’s failed plea of being behind-the-scenes to Stephen’s failed attempt to prove that in Survivor: Tocantins. Sophie mentioned how Ryan focused too much on the little details instead of looking at the big picture. When discussing Devon’s vote for Ryan, Stephen pointed out how Devon saw Ryan’s game in a different light from their close relationship. Sophie was also surprised with how people were using their social games as resumes at Final Tribal Council. Sophie said about Chrissy, that if you have to mention your social game, you did not play a great social game. Sophie also felt that the jury really liked Chrissy but really wanted to vote for Ben. Contrary to popular opinion, Sophie said that she did like the reunion, especially with how Jeff interviewed Dr. Mike and Devon right after their vote-off, but wishes they talked to less kids and more contestants. Both Stephen and Sophie loved the challenges tonight and that the finale was longer than usual.

Listener Questions

After seeing Rob’s challenge performance at the live finale, Stephen and Sophie jokingly said that Rob should play Survivor again. Both Stephen and Sophie were also very pleased with the theme of Survivor: Ghost Island, and laughed that Eliza Orlins got more airtime than some of the final 5. Stephen said that he definitely wanted more Rimmer, Ali, and Cole on the reunion. When comparing Ben to Ozzy in Survivor: South Pacific, she did say that the jury was really rooting for Ozzy then, whereas they weren’t rooting for Ben as much. Stephen said he does want to see Devon, Lauren, Ali, and Cole play again. Sophie did not feel like this vote was very controversial, as some fans did. Stephen said that Chrissy was slightly hurt, like Hannah, being the only female with a male-dominated jury, but was also hurt by being the “mother” archetype, and that Ben still played a great game. Stephen and Sophie agreed that Ben should not be punished for taking advantage of the idols and advantages in the game, and Stephen pointed out how hard Ben worked to get them, likely looking for around 7 hours to get his last idol. When comparing JT to Devon, Sophie said that Devon was one of the first to play as this laid back guy, but really be a self-aware mastermind as well. Lastly, Sophie tipped her hat to Jeff Probst for trolling everyone by telling the consequences of a tie at Final Tribal Council at the Survivor: Game Changers finale.

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