Survivor 35 Final 5 Exit Interviews – 12/20/17


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Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers Final 5 Exit Interviews – December 20, 2017

Recorded LIVE on the red carpet at the Survivor 35 Finale, Rob Cesternino speaks with the final 5 players voted off of Survivor 35, including winner Ben Driebergen, Chrissy Hofbeck, Ryan Ulrich, Devon Pinto, and Dr. Mike Zahalsky.

Exit Interview with WINNER Ben Driebergen

The winner of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers Ben Driebergen, an advocate of the Wand-Off, said that the game was easier for him when his back was against the wall because he just knew he was the target rather than having to guess. He indirectly said that they were not very close to going to Tribal Council once he found his second idol. The famous “Ben Bombs” were simply ways for Ben to have fun, not for the jury. He was incredibly grateful to have another fighting chance against a great competitor in Devon with the fire-making challenge. Had he lost the challenge, he is unsure who he would have voted for because there was a good case to be made for each of those three. Lastly, the tattoo that was covered on the season was a logo for his grandfather.

Exit Interview with First Runner-Up Chrissy Hofbeck

Maybe the only person who is a bigger Alan Ball fan than Jordan Parhar and winner of four immunities, a reward, and a “reward” (marble challenge), first runner-up Chrissy Hofbeck felt that her and Ben each had some votes locked up and some were 50/50 swing votes that mostly went Ben’s way. Very proud of her game, she was well aware that she would be judged differently for being a mother. As an older women, she said that making friends outside of her alliance was something she knows she should have done, but it was “too much energy.” Additionally, Chrissy felt her (dis)advantage was “cheap” towards Devon, and she feels bad for him. With her fake idol, she said that she didn’t need it on the Heroes because of her tight alliance with Ben and Alan, on Soko, she did not want to use it and have votes go onto Ryan or JP, and on the merge tribe, she couldn’t use it until the end because Devon knew about it. She does not believe that her social game was as bad as some said it was, and that she controlled many of the votes. She says it is absurd that Ali, Jessica, and Desi, who were all recruits, said that Chrissy targeted them because they were female. Simply, they were trying to take the blame off of themselves and she feels bad for them.

Exit Interview with Second Runner-Up Ryan Ulrich

When second runner-up on the “sad birthday party” season of Survivor, Ryan Ulrich, was asked whether the jury or Twitter was harder on him, he immediately said Reddit. With the new jury format, he thought the jury would be more open-minded, but for him that was sadly not the case. He said that he lost the game at final 9 once he told Ben about the idol. At the Final Tribal Council, he said that Desi spoke first and told him that he had no shot of winning. Had Devon replaced Ben in the final three, he said that he had Joe and Ben’s vote and it would have been close between him and Devon. On day 3, he gave Chrissy the idol because he knew Katrina was going home instead of her. And, no, he has not been on any dates yet and Jeff Probst declined to set him up on one.

Exit Interview with Devon Pinto

The man who saved himself by following his gut at the final 5, Devon Pinto said that he is unsure if he would’ve won in a final 3 but likes to think that he would. He was honored to compete against Ben in the fire-making challenge and said that the better man won. He voted for Ryan in the end because he likes to root for the underdog. He said he, Ashley, and Lauren went wrong allowing Ben to pull on their heartstrings and join their alliance. Some sad news for many fans came when Devon said that he would only play again if his lovely mother Sonja could play with him. At times, he definitely played his surfer personality and is proud that he got Ben to play his idol at the final 6 early.

Exit Interview with Mike Zahalsky

The man who wore Statue of Liberty socks, sex doctor Mike Zahalsky called his wife at casting finals, and said he would win Survivor except a guy with tattoos and a cowboy hat will beat him. He compared Ben Driebergen to former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, saying that Ben had a natural charisma that transcends the game. In fact, he threw Lauren’s shell in the fire, and then she tried to hand him her extra vote after she was voted out, but production took it away from him. If he had known about the final 4 twist, he believes that he would have won. Mike considered himself a fan of the twist, but wishes idols stop at final 6 as a result, to have one round where you actually have to play Survivor to advance. He is excited to see Ben play an all-winner season. He also called the woman he voted for, Chrissy, an absolute monster on the show. He realizes that not putting a vote on Devon cost him the game. Lastly, he was proud to say that on day 37, he, Devon, Ryan, and Chrissy managed to save 22 sea turtles.

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