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The Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap FINALE of Survivor: Ghost Island 

LIVE after the eastern broadcast of Survivor 36: Ghost Island, Survivor South Pacific Sole Survivor Sophie Clarke joins Stephen Fishbach to recap the FINALE episode and answer your questions!

Domenick Beat Wendell…..during Final Tribal Council…..but Lost

While Rob was doing exit interviews with the final six at the live reunion, Stephen was left to man down the KIA fort with South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke for the Ghost Island FINALE. Sophie said that she switched from rooting for Wendell to Dom while watching final tribal because she felt that he was trying to fit himself into a box. She added that it seemed that Wendell tried to play on Dom’s terms during final tribal council. For example, when Dom said what Survivor meant to him, Wendell kept trying to beat Dom, instead of being himself.

Wendell’s Inauthentic Jury Pandering

Stephen thought Dom had a great answer to Chris’ question as to who the mastermind was. He also compared Wendell’s inauthentic pandering to the jury with mentioning his rapper conversations with Des to Chrissy trying to pander to Joe and Cole by mentioning facts she knew about them.

Dom’s Lack of an Apology

Sophie said she wonders if Dom lost or gained jury votes due to his performance during final tribal council. She loved his authenticity throughout the game and his fake idol play at final six. She also thought that Dom might have been better off if he threw in an apology to those who were hurt by his moves before defending them.

Comparing Laurel to Sophie

Stephen pondered that Wendell got the last six jury votes because that’s when he emerged with his idols, challenge wins, and social bonds. Sophie said that she was frustrated with Stephen’s comparison of Laurel to her because she genuinely thought she could beat Coach and Albert, where Laurel knew she would lose to Dom and Wendell.

Should Dom Have Pulled a Reichenbach?

Stephen and Sophie both agreed that Dom made the right decision to go to final 3 instead of putting himself in the fire challenge. Stephen actually liked that the final four vote was interesting and that the players knew about it, but doesn’t like that people don’t have to secure final 3 deals anymore. Sophie compared the season to Home Alone, where Dom and Wendell are like Kevin McAllister and the rest are the villains hitting themselves with paintballs. Sophie said that she was fine with Ghost Island having many advantages but hope it goes down for David vs. Goliath.

What Did the Listeners Have to Say?

Stephen and Sophie agreed that the tie had a major wow factor.

When asked about whether Dom should’ve gone into fire at final four, Stephen said it would have been really cool but really dumb.

Sophie said that it made sense for the most part that the “strategic” players voted for Dom and the “social” players voted for Wendell.

Stephen and Sophie agreed that Laurel had a fine performance at final tribal.

When asked if fire at final four should continue, Sophie says yes as long as the players know about it. Stephen then mentioned that idols should move to final six because idols are now restricting gameplay more, which Sophie agreed with.

When it comes to who has the most potential to improve their legacy with a second chance, Sophie went with Kellyn while Stephen said that Laurel would be a great option.

Stephen and Sophie both think it is possible that if Dom took Angela to final three that she might cast the deciding vote in his favor.

On a winners ranking list, Sophie compared Wendell to Africa winner Ethan Zohn.

Stephen also enjoyed seeing James Clement from China and Micronesia at the reunion.

Lastly, when asked about what would happen if Sea Bass took Dom out at final six, Stephen and Sophie agreed that Wendell probably still wins.

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