Survivor: Ghost Island | FINALE Top 6 Exit Interviews – 5/24/18


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Survivor Ghost Island FINALE Top 6 Exit Interviews – May 24, 2018

Rob Cesternino talks with the final 6 players from Survivor: Ghost Island, including Sole Survivor Wendell Holland, runner-up Domenick Abbate, 3rd place Laurel Johnson, 4th place Angela Perkins, 5th place Donathan Hurley, and 6th place Sebastian Noel!

Exit Interview with WINNER Wendell Holland

The winner of Survivor: Ghost Island, furniture designer Wendell Holland, knew that when the vote was a tie, he knew that Laurel voted for him, though she never directly said it to him. However, going into the final tribal council, he thought the vote was a toss-up between Dom and himself. He was also told that he was able to sway some people to his side during final tribal council.

Exit Interview with First Runner-Up Domenick Abbate

After being the first victim of losing a tie vote at final tribal council, first runner-up construction supervisor Domenick Abbate thinks he should’ve given immunity to Laurel and let her decide who to put against him in the fire-making challenge to put the blood on her hands. He considered taking Wendell out at final six and five, but he won immunity at both. He said he played with fear until he became overconfident that he won at the final tribal council, and regrets not pushing Laurel harder in the event of a tie. He said he’d probably play again if asked and was surprised that Kellyn and Chelsea voted against him, but also that Des voted for him.

Exit Interview with Second Runner-Up Laurel Johnson

Although she did not love all the hate she received, the first-ever RHAP patron Survivor player Laurel Johnson was incredibly grateful to have been able to play the game. She did not like that the show never displayed her bad relationship with Kellyn, which would explain why she never flipped to work with Kellyn. Additionally, she did not love being in the history books for casting the tie-breaking vote and said she knew she was voting for Wendell, but it was very tough for her to decide between those two.

Exit Interview with Angela Perkins

Another victim of the fire-making challenge, Army veteran Angela Perkins was more than happy to make Wendell comfortable with the seating position. She voted for Wendell because they had a very close relationship, which was unseen on the show, and because she thought he played the best game. She also started crying in the green room when Sea Bass saw that she spilled the beans to Dom and Wendell, even though it was better for her game.

Exit Interview with Donathan Hurley

Just as Rob met the $10,000-richer caretaker Donathan Hurley, the power in the tent went out. At that moment, Donathan said that he never considered voting for Laurel because he was tired of trying to work with her trying to get her to flip at final eight. He voted for Wendell because he emulated the game he wished he had played.

Exit Interview with Sebastian Noel

The fisherman and pirate known as Sea Bass, Sebastian Noel told Rob that he was pissed at Angela for spilling the beans on his plan because he thought they would have been the final 3 with Donathan. He voted for Wendell because of their incredibly close relationship and would gather coral every morning. Wendell even placed the coral at his feet during the final tribal council which sealed the deal for him.

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