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LIVE after episode 9 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Survivor South Pacific Winner Sophie Clarke (@sophieGclarke) recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questions LIVE!

Tribal Council Soap Opera

In this week’s episode of Know-It-Alls, Survivor South Pacific Winner Sophie Clark joins Rob to discuss last night’s explosive tribal council. Rob proclaimed that it was one of the strangest tribal councils he’s ever witnessed. Sophie agreed, believing that all of the storylines that have been progressing throughout this season just erupted. The tone of the show has changed, according to Sophie, pointing out how storylines evolve into new storylines instead of being resolved right away. Rob commented that it seemed like the drama came from the Millennials and Sophie agreed believing that it had something to do with age. Rob asked Sophie if she could recall a tribal council that was as explosive as this one was. Sophie believed that it actually an earlier tribal council she was apart of.

Stealing Food

Sophie asked Rob where he stood with stealing food and Rob believed it’s only a good idea if you don’t get caught. Rob elaborated that Taylor made a mistake when he brought Adam into his secret room. Agreeing with Rob, Sophie elaborated on how she felt that stealing food always carries a high risk. She went on to say that there are things that people do solely to have an advantage in the game and then there are things that people do that reflects their character. While Sophie could understand if Taylor would’ve used it to bring people together, she didn’t believe that was the case.

Taylor’s Game

On Twitter, Rob has been asked if Taylor is the worst player in Survivor history and Rob believes that there are worse. According to Rob, Taylor had charisma, which helped him get out of situations that would otherwise doom others. Sophie also agreed but then also believes that Taylor isn’t the best that the Millennials had to offer.

Consequence or Strategy?

Rob asked if Sophie believe whether or not this was a consequence and Sophie believed it was a consequence. Elaborating on her belief, Sophie believes that there was a lot that went on behind the scenes. In this episode, Rob believed that Sunday Burquest came into her own and anticipated that at the tribal council she would cut ties with Jessica Lewis. Sophie believed that might have been the original plan, but she speculates that the plan didn’t make it to the tribal council. Rob wondered if Chris Hammons refused to vote out a Gen-X member and Sophie wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

Zeke and Will

With both men sitting out of this week’s challenge, Rob asked Sophie if she had a problem with Zeke Smith and Will Wahl sitting out. Sophie elaborated on how Will isn’t exactly her favorite, citing his over-confidence as the issue. Rob believes the Will has the best shot of getting out unscathed. Sophie then concluded that she hopes Will is able to redeem himself.

Hannah On The Board

Rob asked Sophie how she felt about Hannah Shapiro’s chances of winning. Sophie commented that she doesn’t feel good about Sophie’s chances, pointing out how emotional Hannah is in the game. With other cast members consulting her, Sophie believes that they will feel betrayed when Hannah votes them out. Rob elaborated, believing that it is emotional currency every time a cast member needs to consult her.

Playing the Game

Sophie then explained how this Survivor seems to have people more interested in winning over fans then playing the game to win. Rob went on to say that it’s important for the players to realize they aren’t going to win because of the fans but from playing. Elaborating on Rob’s point, Sophie also said that she prefers hearing players talk about the game from their perspective. Later on, Rob and Sophie answer your email questions.

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