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April 2012

04/30/12 - Shane Powers has long been one of the most reclusive Survivor players but one-time only, Shane visits Rob Cesternino to talk about his time on the show and shares his experiences for the very first time. It's an exclusive interview from one of the most interesting Survivor players of all-time

04/30/12 - After weeks of being at each other's throats in the game, LIsa Lampanelli vs. Dayana Mendoza finally came to a head this week as Dayana was fired by Mr. Trump. Rob Cesternino is joined by Jordan Kalish to discuss the fallout from Diana's firing and who will win The Celebrity Apprentice

04/30/12 - Rob's Survivor Blogger, Richie Glanzer, puts Kim Spradlin under the microscope to discuss whether she is an underrated or an overrated player on Survivor: One World.

04/26/12 - Finally, John Fincher has come home to Rob Has a Podcast. The Finichelor is back to talk about the winning ways of Kim Spradlin as she knocks her biggest competition, Troyzan out of the game on Survivor One World. It's a live in person podcast on this week's Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

04/26/12 - Troy Robertson aka Troyzan became the latest person voted out of the tribe on this week's episode of Survivor One World. Troyzan joins Rob Cesternino to talk about everything that happened to him on this season of Survivor.

Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to discuss the week in Reality TV on the latest edition of Rob Has a Web Show on Wed, April 25th at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT.

04/24/12 - Russell Hantz terrorized his opposition on three seasons of Survivor and now he's back on TV in all new show for A&E called "Flipped Off". Russell joins Rob Cesternino back on Rob Has a Podcast to talk about everything coming up on Flipped Off, discuss what he thinks about a Survivor and talk to plenty of his friends.

04/23/12 - The greatest Survivor writer of all-time, Mario Lanza, joins Rob Cesternino to discuss his thoughts of this week's Celebrity Apprentice episode. This week the teams had to create a Macy's in store display for Donald Trump

04/22/12 - It's one of the greatest movies of all-time and now it's back in theaters in 3D. Rob Cesternino discusses all things Titanic with Titanic expert, Matthew Bok. We'll discuss the plot, the characters and all of the unanswered questions from the movie in an All Titanic Podcast.

04/20/12 - Tyson Apostol is a member of the RHAP Mount Rushmore and now he triumphantly returns to Rob Has a Podcast to discuss the latest issues for Troyzan on Survivor One World. Tyson discusses if Troyzan has a chance vs. the women and so much more in a marathon edition of Rob has a Podcast.

04/21/12 - Rob's Survivor Blogger, Richie Glanzer, is back to talk about how he can relate to Troyzan and why this last episode of Survivor One World has turned him into a fan.

04/19/12 - Rob Ceseternino talks to Leif Manson, the latest person voted out of the tribe on Survivor One World. Leif discusses why he struggled as a Survivor player and tells us which players in the game he was actually working with on Rob Has a Podcast

04/18/12 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with another edition of Rob has a Web Show to discuss the latest episode of The Amazing Race and the surprising first place finish for Mark and Bopper. Plus, we discuss Brendon and Rachel getting U-Turned and how upset the U-Turn made Art and JJ.

04/18/12 - This week Teresa Giudice emerged as Jordan Kalish's MVP this week after demonstrating her terrible improvisational skills. Jordan explains exactly is in the running for the least smart person on Reality TV right now.

04/17/12 - Rob Cesternino spent the weekend in Temecula, CA participating in the 2nd Annual Reality Rally. Prior to the race, Rob got to interview Brendon and Rachel Reilly, Richard Hatch, Sandra Diaz-Twine and Chris Daugherty. Check out Rob's great interviews in one Reality Rally podcast.