Troy Story: Troyzan Tells All from Survivor One World

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The last couple of weeks Troy Robertson, better known as Troyzan, has been the focus of the attention for Kim Spradlin and the women of Survivor One World. This week, Kim finally gets her man as Troyzan became the latest person voted from the tribe. Troyzan joins Rob Cesternino to talk about everything that happened.

Rob welcomes Troyzan onto the podcast and they begin discussing some of the key points in Troyzan’s time on Survivor. Rob wants to know if Troyzan was aware in the game of the way that Kim told him that Michael Jefferson was trying to get him out of the game. Troyzan says that Michael was always trying to get himi out of the game and Kim saying something to him just iced it for him. For Troy, he said the men of this game were never going to be able to work together like the women. For the women, it was natural for all of them to just fall in line behind Kim, but Troy says too many of the men had their own ideas about what to do.

Rob asks Troy if he knew that Jay Byars had told Kim that he had a hidden immunity idol in the game. Troy says that he had a conversation with Kim after she spoke with Jay so he was aware. Rob brings up the decision by the men to go to the tribal council early in the show when they didn’t have to do it. Troyzan says that he still didn’t think that was too bad of a decision because Bill Posley was working to get him out as well.

As far as working with Kat Edorrson, Troyzan said that he felt close that Kat was about to flip over but once she spoke with Kim, she was back in the fold. Troyzan also discusses what it was like to play Survivor with Tarzan, his conversations with Christina and who might be joining him at the Survivor One World finale.

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