Thinking Outside of the Box with Survivor Leif Manson

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After being a fan favorite for most of the season, Leif Manson was voted out of the tribe this week on Survivor One World. Leif calls in to tell Rob Cesternino all about his experience on the show.

Rob starts off the show by asking if Leif could better explanate why the women decided to take him out last night. Leif talks about how he had a decision to make to either vote for Tarzan or to vote for Kim to be voted out. Rob asks Leif if the actual game of Survivor was a struggle for him and Leif said that it was because he is a people person and did not like all of the sneakiness of playing the Survivor game. Leif reveals that he was especially close with Jonas Otsuji and even Colton Cumbie.

Rob wants to know if Leif thought he was really going home the night that the men went to tribal council after winning the challenge. Leif said that he was pretty sure that he was going to be safe though he was slightly concerned. After hearing Colton’s comments about Leif earlier this season, Leif was not happy to hear Colton talk about him in that way but Leif thinks that Colton was probably in a lot of pain and Leif can forgive him.

Of course, Rob asks Leif about his time sleeping in the box on Survivor One World. Leif says that sleeping in the box was very comfortable because of all of the nylon rope from the knot challenge. Leif also discusses his over the top celebrations when he got to go on a reward challenge.

Rob also asks Leif about his relationship with Tarzan in the game. Leif compared Tarzan to his father and has a lot of respect for him as a person. As for Troyzan, Leif felt like everything Troyzan did this week only made a bigger target on his back. Of the women, Leif said that he had a close relationship with Sabrina Thompson.

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