The Finchelor is Back: John Fincher on the Winning Ways of Survivor Kim

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John Fincher, better known as The Finchelor to fans of Rob Has a Podcast, has returned to visit Rob Cesternino and Nicole and discuss the latest episode of Survivor: One World. John Fincher got into Nicole’s good graces by bringing her a bottle of Ciroq vodka.

Rob starts off by discussing Troyzan’s effort on this week’s episode of Survivor One World. Rob was starting to really believe that Troyzan had a chance to switch up the vote. Rob liked the idea of Troyzan putting his vote on Christina Cha to try to tip the vote in his favor. Fincher really liked that Troyzan’s position in the game allowed him to push the pedal to the metal over the last couple of weeks.

John Fincher has been impressed as well this season with Kim Spradlin. Fincher even says she is an under the radar candidate to appear on the Finchelor (John Fincher’s dating reality show). Rob, Nicole and John discuss how Kim complained she was having the worst day of playing Survivor when Kat Edorsson got mad at her for not choosing to take her on the reward challenge. Rob said that if this is Kim’s worst day on Survivor she is doing pretty good.

Rob, John and Nicole try to figure out where Christina’s head is in the game right now. Rob thought it was funny that after Sabrina said that some of the girls were voting for Christina she said that she’s not 100% with the girls. John Fincher says that he is not a big fan of Alicia in the game or her comments that she made towards Christina.

John Fincher answers plenty of questions from the listeners including discussing which players deserve to be called idiots, which Survivor girls have caught his eye and what does he think of Russell Hantz’ recent comments about him on the Hantz Mega Cast.

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